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    To make my plants not stretch too high but not get burnt, where is the ideal place to put my 1000 watt MH? (as in how high above the plants obviously)
    power kush and LSD :)

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  2. 2 feet, 6 inches? I'm not sure the exact height but vegging under an HPS will cause stretching no matter what. Get a thermometer though because the closest you can get with out burning will be better then me telling you the norm distance.
  3. under a METAL HALIDE MY BAD
  4. Only one way to become a master at your trait is to learn it by experience. But i would keep it fairly far away cause a 1000 watt light will create a lot of heat.
  5. Fairly far? How many feet (estimate)?
  6. Ahh, then ya. I'd get a thermometer one that has a probe that you can move its height with your canopy. But between 30-40cm is what I googled real quick.

  7. This is what I do in the summer.

    However 12-18 inches is a good area I feel if you have good air circulation.

    What we really need to know is if your hood is enclosed or not.

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