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How high will dabs get you?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dankypanky, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. I have never done dabs before and everyone says that it's the fucking bee's knees. Is it really the shit? How high will it get you?
  2. First time I took a dab (and everytime I take one after a break from 'em) I equate it to smoking a fatty to your face and then some. It's like getting as high as the first time you ever smoked weed. Dabs are fantastic
  3. pretty high!
  4. If you have a strong tolerance to kind, dabs are right up your alley. Also good wax tastes amazing.
  5. Higher then 10 Indians on bingo night
  6. I like to call it "high school high" :D
  7. Yeah it gets you pretty high, about as high as your tolerance is gonna be after doing dabs lol.
  8. It's like taking a 1.5 gram bong hit
  9. First time dabbers will get very stoned, to the point of almost pissing yourself or so impaired that you can't drive. It is a rush of megalithic proportions.

    However, do it everyday like I do, and flowers can't get you high anymore.

    I dab not only for the high, but for taste. Imagine the vapor/smoke tasting like buttery fruity or piney candy, it stays on your palate for a few minutes and you can taste the terpenoids and every cannabinoid without the hindrance of plant material.
  10. My first few times dabbing I was stoned off my ass. Dabs are smooth and tasty.
  11. i have a questions if youre used to smoking flowers out of bongs and stuff and you have been smoking for a while so i have a high tolerance for flowers, will dabs get my ripped as my first bong rips¿? will i fell a different high, smoking way less am i right¿
  12. I really wish I had access to concentrates :l
  13. Yes, you will get much higher, perhaps akin to how high you got when you started with flowers. Just think that the buds are maybe around 20% THC and the wax is gonna be what, at least four times as pure, right? You will smoke less, but as others have said, that's only going to be a temporary savings because your tolerance will increase to match.
  14. on a scale of one to ten... FUCKING HIGH :bongin: <----- imagin there is a dab attachment on this bong haha

  15. Yeah bought i thought i save waxes from weekends or special ocasions i haven seen a loto f wax around here but we have some for sure.

  16. Couldn't have said it better!:smoke:
  17. I save wax's for special occasions my birthday, and when it's not my birthday.
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  18. linkma45 couldnt of explained it any better.

  19. Dass what I'm here for :wave:
  20. I'm dabbing right now! Lol

    But taking a break after today.
    I need to reset my cannabinoid receptors

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