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How high should I (you) get tonight?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Keith McKief, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. If you're waiting on a sesh right now, this is a good thread to decide how high you're going to get tonight.

    I haven't smoked yet, and will enjoy my night time toke pretty soon. But the question is, how high should I get tonight? I just bought an eighth of Fully Loaded OG, and it is some booombbb, should I get majorly blitzed? Or just a little high?
  2. really highh.....
  3. Go like Towlie, Just get alittle high
  4. Get as high as humanly possible, because one of these days youll acquire a tolerance, and you wont be able to any more.
  5. I wish i could go back to the first time I ever got high...
  6. Maybe just one more little hit
  7. okay basically brother this is what you do... you find a dice... you throw that shit and whatever it lands on is however many joints/blunts/bong hits etc that you do.
  8. an eighth will get you as high as you can get if you smoke it in a session i'm sure.

  9. I rolled double sixess! And landed on go! Pay me bitch

    I only have enough bud for a bowl, maybe 2. Gonna smoke it all coz theres no point in splitting it and take a tolerance break.

    Probably gonna dump my kief in if i find a good movie to watch

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