how high is to high?

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  1. i wanna do an outdoor grow next year, im talking balls to the wall. i already got a place scoped out and everything, and im almost positive ill have permission to do it, and it will be legal to boot.

    problem is the spot i could do it at is it 9,400ft very high in the rockies.

    what i was thinking is i would start the plants inside in may and move them outside in july, cause at that height there is still snow on the ground in may.

    anyone with expereience growing this high up? or anyone that can shed some light?

    im dead set on doing this :smoke:
  2. weed grows better at high altitudes, whats the temp though?
  3. Yeah dude, ever heard of the Hindu Kush mountains? Weed grows there naturally. Just make sure the plants don't freeze their nips off.
  4. the ttemps im not to sure of.

    summertime i would say 70's tops

    its way way up in the rockies.

    i plan on starting them indoor then planting outside to get them huge!
  5. Just gotta scope your spot until there is no snow, and keep an eye on the amount of sunlight hitting the spot during the day. But ya mj does fine at high altitudes, a lot of original indica strains came from the himalayas/kush mountain ranges.
  6. belive me i been doing all the reasearch i can on where exactly i will be putting my plants.

    i used google earth to run the sun light over some potential spots as well.

    im really hoping this turns out well next year, and you guys will be reading my journal!
  7. So it has been my experience that it is easy to start indoors and then move it outside. However at the altitude that your talking about your biggest concern will be finishing before the weather goes bad. Cold weather, rain, early sno. Use an early finishing strain and hope. Nothing sucks worse than a bad rain storm and cold weather in the beginning of Oct. Good luck.
  8. ya that is definitely gonna be my biggest feear

    early snow is my biggest worry really, its really really dry in CO and by the time the moisture starts to come its usually already cold enough at that altitude to fall as snow.

    im hoping to find a strain that finishes before october lol.
  9. balls to the wall man lol. your grow idea sounds awesome. keep an eye out for temps. weatherbug can give you the forecast and what not in your area. you thinking of starting a journal for it? would definitely want to see some growing at that altitude
  10. at 9400 feet if the location is at all in a bit of a valley or bowl there would be a very, very short frost free period if any at all... if you are on a ridge or slope you might have a bit better chance but that is a pretty extreme elevation

    Vail's avg minimum temps for Jun/Jul/Aug/Sep are 35/41/40/33 and is about 8000 ft elevation
  11. Start early, try an autoflower strain. You certainly are not going to get any big plant to finish that quick so go for lots of little ones. If you can tend to it daily you might want to initiate flowering using a dark bag, say in mid july.

    I think without a greenhouse or some kind of tent you are going to be really upset when the plants dont finish.

    I grow in Denver: last summer I had to move 3 7ft plants into my garage for the last 6 weeks and they finally finished in Nov. GL
  12. argh those last two posts are what im afraid of.

    i did have the perfect spot, but due to some crazy family members the property was sold.
    it was in colorado wine country, and as you all know, if you can grow vineyards, you can grow some damn good pot lol.

    what should i look for in autoflowering strains, and what excactly is the benefit to that?

    i may be able to set up a green house. otherwise how would i go about using a bag to start flowering earyl? i mean if im not getting 12 hrs during the day what would be the point of the bag.
  13. bump

    we need answers! :) :p

    can't wait to be in the rockies growin' with this man :ey: :love:

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