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How high do you get?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BlazedPlatypus, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. #1 BlazedPlatypus, Dec 27, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Dec 27, 2013
    I'm fucking high. I'm just sitting on the toilet tripping balls at my tiles and wallpaper. Not even takin a shit. Just watching. It's like a fucking movie. I'm seein rainbows and my vision is distorted and everything is seemingn to sorta flash.

    I feel higher than anyone ever. This is not the first time I've just sat here and enjoyed the visuals.

    So what are some of your super incredibly baked stories and do you guys get this high to where you hallucinate all out?

    I can tell this is really poorly written but I'm very high. Sorry haha
  2. one time i was so high that i .....
  3. i remember the 2nd time i smoked, first time didnt effect me, but the second time, oh man i got too high too quick, infact i was so high, i didnt even bother with me tripping i know i was tripping and i felt like like getting up n being all like im tripping dude, n shit but i didnt lol anyway after that i started buying on my own n shit and i always used to go to th esame spot in the forrest and when i got like super super high  i started to feel like as if the far away was just a back ground and i was in some sort of movie or somthing and i kept hearing yelling and then like i saw someone  coming trards me so i got real quiet, and then after like 5 mins i dicided to get the hell out of there and the scary thing is, there used to be houses in the early 1900's but were dimolished for some reason im not sure but theres like garbage n news appers n shit dated as early as 1950, other shit like pop cans cards n shit  even fucking creepy old old medicinal bottles from some hospital, and cans like chef boyardi n shit so i deicded to go back after sobering up and i now know that there couldent have been a man there because over the mini hill i saw it was all swamp n shit so im almost sure i saw a ghost or somthing it was fucked up
  4. That's crazy man! When you're high, scary stuff can get to you! But yeah it felt like I was just watching a movie when I was tripping out (and every time I've tripped since) ...and now reading this thread I'm like "Holy shit I posted this last night?! That felt like last week!" Smoke on man.
  5. Since i have a HIGH tolerance and smoke all day, i tend to only get a nice buzz all day that keeps me happy. 

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