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How high do you get with a gravity bong?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by The toking man, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Just wondering cause I wanna try it :bongin:
  2. :hippie: <----- i hope that explains it
  3. Thanks I just hit one I made off of some directions from the Internet... I'm baked
  4. now thats what i like to see
  5. I remember the first time I did a gravity bong. We call them buckets. I was fucked for a solid 7 hours after a few bowls. Kill my throat but so worth it

  6. Yeah its definately worth it.
  7. my freind said that the first time he did it and was heading home, he swears that he no joke flew across an entire park field that he was going through
  8. That's badass
  9. Doesn't it require foil, can be done without foil?

  10. Nope, use a socket. Or a bowl stuck in the lid with a hole cut in it.
  11. Sounds like something ill try after I buy a bowl.
  12. I used a socket. It works great!

  13. You can get a socket from lowes for like 40 cents, its worth it imo. Two ways you can go about it to, the bucket route, or a 2 liter with a hole cut in the bottom. Both work great it's like giant bong rips.:D The reason you don't use foil is then it isn't sealed, i suppose it might work with the bucket, but I don't like smoking off tin foil personally.
  14. It makes gravity shift.
  15. I also don't like tin foil myself and thanks for the advice lol.
  16. 1 hit from g bong + fat blunt = 8 hour high
  17. Im tempted to do this now, got 6 grams, will i be super fucked?
  18. Are there gravity bongs that you can actually purchase?

  19. This dude is crazy high lol!
  20. You used to have to be 18 to post on this site =/

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