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How high am I

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by nboymcbucks, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. i have smoked about 5 times right now, the highest ive ever been was like this: i smoked a nug about the size of my fingernail---my head felt like it weighed 0.1 miligrams. my vision lagged a bit. my hearing was extreme, i thought there was a maneating dog outside for a second, i thought there was a guy with a chainsaw outside(it was my fridge)
    dry mouth, short term memory. how high was i on a scale of 1 to 10?
  2. get high a couple more times. That sounds like a pretty normal high but everything you said could be at different strengths.
  3. sounds like your shit was laced :rolleyes:

    A chainsaw, lol? I envy you! I wish I could get like that!
  4. he didnt say he saw them, he said his hearing was extreme so he thought he heard things outside...i think im that blasted right now lol
  5. If you want people to see your grow, put it in your sig man or let them find it on their own.

    Anyway on a scale of 1-10 i would say you were about a 6. When I first started i thought i saw shit all the time.
  6. Well.. It's pretty much his signature, since he posts it in every post. So I can see he can do it, if he wants. He just chooses to re-write/copy+paste everytime.
  7. thanks for all the help, i thought i was a 7 too. i was smokin middies outta my homemade 1 hitter!
  8. no you dont, i almost shit my pants when i thought i heard that
  9. Getting that high is the best!

    I think when you get this high at night, you think you see shit, I know when Ive drove really stoned before I would think road signs to look like deer, until I was like wait just a min lol...

    Im gonna try and get that high the next time I smoke!
  10. I'd say eleven.
  11. Nobody cares if you don't want to see it. Don't click on the link, and try to be nicer to your fellow blades.
  12. fuck dude i WISH i could still get that high :/

    the first time i got high it was like 10 bowls of dank with my friend and i had no idea what it was.
    now THAT is high.

    keep smokin :smoking:
  13. you were pretty high.
  14. smoke two of those nugs, while running, and come back and tell us about it. You'll most deff. be even more stoned. It sounds like you were the "normal" high then.

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