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How has marijuana positively affected your life? Will quote you with permission!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by LovingTree, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. As the title says. How has the herb changed you for the better? (Medicine, spiritual, friendship, etc).

    I am writing a report for college on Marijuana and the benefits of it.

    I need good responses, I will use 1-2 of your posts in my project (As long as you are ok with that).
  2. " helps me see things from another perspective, that I wouldn't acknowledge otherwise "
  3. Its gotten me high
  4. well, i'm basically the average recreational user...but i can always feel a change in my attitude and how i'm feeling about things once i smoke. for example, if things are pissing me off and i'm down in the dumps, i'll go smoke a bowl or 2. i usually immediately feel a change, like things really aren't that bad and i have a more positive outlook on things/life in general. i do have some issues for which i use MJ's medicinal qualities however, such as frequent headaches(i get a headache just about once a day), and horrible back pains, and the right strain will put me out of the pain for a good while.
  5. I find that marijuana gives me the ability to see from different points of view.

    gives me insight.
  6. I find it makes masturbation a helluva lot more enjoyable...dunno if you can put that in your essay but you know, it's worth a mention:D
  7. when i cant sleep at night, and have headaches. and deppressed and it just changes me into a better person, like people say that it just bottles up your anger but it realy doesn't it gets rid of it i will smoke a couple of bowls and for about 4 days of not smoking i will be

    less irritant i can stop whenever i want i dont regelury medicate my self but i do sometimes.
    It helps loads and makes me feel better about people my self it also realy

    helps me notice thing like the nature and the good sde of the world and not just the bad things over all it is the best benificial substance on earth i know that's just my oppinion.

    and the subject is dibatible but it dam sure gets me through alot.
    you us this if you want oh and sorry forthe spelling.
  8. errr can i have half credit with that guy?:D
  9. I suffer from fibromyalgia, a displaced disk in my neck, and a bi-polar disorder. The use of cannabis has not only helped to regulate my mood swings, but has allowed me the ability to play catch with my 10 year old son, walk the dogs, go hiking and camping, gives me a more open mind when considering other peoples point of view.

    The only thing that has enriched my life like cannabis is my son.
  10. It got me into crack cocaine and bikers named Jim
  11. Makes me relaxed. I think i like being blazed more than being sober because everything is more enjoyable, music, food, conversation. Bud is a social, meeting new poeple is awesome.

  12. Haha I love how you say the only thing that has enriched my life like cannabis is my son, rather than the only thing that has enriched my life like my son is cannabis:p just kinda funny
  13. Helps me eat the crap cooked at home
  14. If I had the right strains, I could probably be high 90% of the time with benefit. I use it to relieve hangovers if I drank too much, I use it on lazy days to just brighten up my morning, I use it when I'm doing anything monotonous, I use it to reduce anxiety, I use it to help me sleep.

    My closest relationship to MJ was after I had gone through a pretty brutal breakup. I moved back home and my friend interested me in some "Herbal anti-depressants". I had smoked weed before but only for recreation when I was a teenager, and considering I'd basically just lost the love of my life.....getting high just magically made the depression go away, even if only for a few hours a day.

    That fact alone allowed me to get back on my feet again, and get over that relationship. When I was high it was like I could objectively look over the relationship, see where everything went wrong, and so I was able to make changes to my life to become a better person.

    Some things are just flat out better when you're high. Video games. Any food. Heck even going for a walk through the woods is more interesting if your baked.

    Medically I use it for general body aches, sleep problems, and occasionally just for a boost of energy or motivation. Marijuana is famous for making people unmotivated, but when I'm having a bad day sometimes a couple of bowls gets me going.

    As I get older I intend to use Marijuana as my primary "Medicine" for any issues I come across. If I have weed I don't even usually keep any other medications in my house. Got a headache? Smoke a joint. Got the flu? Smoking a joint doesn't cure it, but it makes it more bearable.

    The list goes on.
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    I tend to see things in different perspective when I'm high. I.e.-If someone's upset, I tend to over-analyze it and try and see it from thier shoes.

    Being high makes all kinds of shit better, period. Eating, drinking, playing games, music, etc etc.

    It's helped me become more sociable, I used to not say 5 words in school before I started smoking.

    It just makes everything (with the exception of running out of pot and Algebra) that much better.

    Weed's also helped me medicinally, and that's part of the reason I smoke...I've had horrible insomnia since I was like 12 (I sometimes go 3-4 days with not being able to fall asleep), it seems like it's helped supress my exzema (spelling? lol), and it helps a lot with lower back pains and neck pains I've had since I was in a car crash when I was younger.
  16. +rep

    I like your answer man
  17. I had major surgery on my upper and lower jaw 2 months ago and have been in a lot of pain. My doctor is very anti pain medication so i didnt get any vicodin. Even when a friend of mine gave me his after he got his wisdom teeth out, that didn't work. The pain controlled my life. I missed classes, didnt go out on the weekends and was pretty miserable.

    One day at my friends apartment (he smokes) i accidentally ate a special brownie (i had never smoked or gotten high at that time) and it was really strong. The biggest thing i noticed was that there was no pain. For the first time in two months, i was completely pain free. The next day i went over and smoked out of his bong and it was even better. It's been about three weeks now and (after an emergency surgery this past weekend to deal with a bone infection from the first surgery) im looking for my first bong for myself. and let me tell you, the minute that incision has healed, ill be pain free in no time. (Also, if anyone has any recommendations for a small ish bong for a new smoker, i'd be very gracious)
  18. It totally changes your perception of life. When you're stoned you see everything in a whole different and funnier way. Yes and as we know it helps out medically but thats not why I and I believe the majority of people love it. It makes everything better and funnier. Someone explain to me how something that makes everything in life better could possibly be a bad thing?
  19. hahaha definately put this in the essay
  20. "It has been the only drug that has helped me with depression and anxiety in an effectual way. I support the recreational use for other reasons, but medical cannabis is frankly the most obvious mistake made by our congressmen."

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