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How has marijuana affected you phsyically? (Weight wise)

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bego, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Me personally, I am lucky that my metabolism is such that I can eat 10 meals a day, munching out, and I will never gain weight in fat. Marijuana has actually helped me gain weight in muscle, as I am about 5'11, 135 pounds, and without it, I am not to keen on eating. I also feel much more healthy when I'm actually eating lots, regardless of what it is, and if I gained 30 pounds, even if it was fat, I'd be pretty happy.

    It surely hasn't affected me negatively, I lift weights and train a lot, and its made me gain muscle and lose fat.

    What about GC?
  2. After lifting weights, I cannot comprehend how professional lifters can gain so much weight without smoking. My stomach is usually tweaked out for at least a few hours after lifting, and even with smoking I have problems staying at 180.
  3. I workout every day but when im sober i usually dont eat much so marijuana helps me eat more good stuff like fruits, veggies, protein, the stuff my muscles need to keep growing
  4. For me, it motivates me to eat healthier and go to the gym more

    Consequentially, I've gotten pretty cut in the past few months :devious:

    And I'm 5'8 weighing in at 135-140 usually.
  5. I was putting on a lot of weight again in the last 8 months or so, and really hated it. Since my smoking picked up I can see marked weight loss, and increased muscle tone.
    It helps that weed makes lifting seem fun. :-D
  6. Yes I can workout Hii and stay focused on the tunes and get alot more reps in,I mainly smoke
    Sativa strains which make me want to go out and do something active...Since this my overall
    health is dramatically better:smoke::hello:
  7. It has helped me amazingly along with anti-depressants, I have a very fast metabolism but a lack of appetite and common nausea, it's really difficult to eat often just because I'm often depressed and have no appetite.
  8. Yes, I've had a more healthy weight since I've started smoking. I was 145lbs, but I am now 160 lbs, and 6'2". I have an extremely fast metabolism (I can eat 3500 calories a day and not gain a pound), so a little appetite stimulant is great for me.
  9. i blame the food i eat and my chillness to my recent weight gain of only about 10-12 lbs. not too worried about it.
  10. Before I smoked weed I was 5'10 220 pounds. Now a year later, I am 5'11 and 180 pounds. I haven't changed my lifestyle at all besides for smoking weed. So it makes me wonder :smoke:
  11. My weight really hasn't changed at all. I even lost weight during my freshman year of college. I don't know why, my eating habits didn't really change. It's going to be interesting when my metabolism finally slows down...
  12. I never gain weight either, i can eat anything whenever and don't seem to gain a pound. :hello:

  13. same.

    im 6'0 160, prolly gained about 10 lbs since ive started smoking, but that comes with ageing from 17 to 18.. and i been workin out a little. and i eat major munchies when i blaze, never effected be negativly i love mary jane :)
  14. Marijuana has actually affected me negatively in this department. I haven't gained weight, but when I smoke I eat a lot of foods I wouldn't normally eat sober.
  15. When I first started smoking, I couldn't control my munchies, and ate unhealthily (fast food) pretty often. So, I did put on some fat. I then took a break, and when I started smoking again I put more effort in controlling my munchies, and making those munchies healthy munchies (it's pretty hard to eat unhealthily at home, especially if your fridge is stocked with healthy foods).
  16. wel for me it's kinda made me gain a little weight because the only bud i can get is indica which i have no problem with because i have atleast 20 pounds to gain before i start to become chubbby
  17. I am 5'5" 140 pounds and I can eat whatever I want anytime of the day and I'll maybe gain a couple pounds a month but it's so easy for me to lose weight too lol I heard somewhere that smoking marijuana actually burns calories, hence the reason you get hungry. I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS TRUE, I'M JUST SAYING THAT IS WHAT I HEARD. I believe munchies is all mental. If I keep myself busy after I smoke I never even think about food. The majority of the time I will just eat an apple or something healthy (when I'm high is the only time I eat healthy)
  18. since i started smokin i actually eat healthier because my roomate buys a bunch of healthy cheap foods so i usually munch on fruits and stuff..i use to a be a lil chubby even tho no one said i was and ive cut down a lil bit of a fat and started to become more overall marijuana has helped me!

  19. same.

    im 6'0 160, prolly gained about 10 lbs since ive started smoking, but that comes with ageing from 17 to 18.. and i been workin out a little. and i eat major munchies when i blaze, never effected be negativly i love mary jane :)
  20. The negative associations against stoners make me purposely be more active. I hate how people think all weed-smokers are lazy and sit on the couch all day, so I specifically try to do stuff while im high. For example, I love to go for walks when im high.
    So because of this, I dont think marijuana really affects my weight. I think I would weigh the exact same if I didn't smoke weed.

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