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how guilty are you of????

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NaughtyDread, Dec 21, 2003.

  1. so, let me explain why i ask. i go through phases of smoking maybe a little too much :) meaning, not a whole lot at one time, but maybe a gram to a gram and 1/2 spaced throughout the day. now i do work, but i am not required to operate any type of heavy equipment. in fact i sit in a temperature controlled enviroment, with a headset attached to my head posed to help the next idiot...anywayz, i dont have to do much of anything but type and think and deal with the customers frustrations, have them perform some steps, press a couple of computer buttons, and woah la all problems solved.

    my problem is this can become kinda repetative and sometimes a little stressful. so, ill smoke a bowl on the way to work, and its a really small bowl, drink some coffee, grab the eyedrops sit in my cubicle and go to work in a very good mood and able to deal with all people for 2 hrs before my next break.

    i normally skip the 10 oclock bowl smoke, because the next part of the day pretty much flies before lunch at 1, and that part of the day kinda needs you to be on your heel and toes. so smoking normally is skipped. at lunch, ill grab a bite to eat, a good book and smoke a bowl after eating lunch. keep in mind, these bowl hits are maybe 3/10ths of a gram. ive learned not to smoke 2 of them back to back because ive gone back to work quite detached and not feeling like i could do anything. good thing i never get the giggles :)

    that bowl sets me in a very mellow mood for the rest of the afternoon till my 3 oclock break. only problem, sometimes, i feel a lil burnt, kinda like man i could really take a nap. so sometimes i may smoke a bowl on my 3 oclock break and then ride out the rest of the shift and get off at 4:30. a lot of this depends on how much i smoked during lunch.

    after work, ill smoke a bowl on the drive home, and turn up the toons and rerun the day through my head. its a 45 minute ride, so its a nice drive. i dont bring my work problems, home and this works out for both me and my girl, because i have to listen to hers :)

    keep in mind, i have smoked less than a gram. so does this make me bad? do i smoke too much? i struggle with this every now and then. sometimes ill quit smoking before work because i feel motivated to do for the company. and then something happens that pisses me off about my company and i stop caring and go back to this mode. so should i feel guilty? and how guilty are you by association? :)
  2. Why should you feel guilty? At least you're doing better than a lot of people by actually showing up.

    From how you sound, you do your job well, regardless of how baked you are.

    I don't think you have anything to be guilty about.
  3. THANK YOU :) soon as i read it i felt like something lifted from me, i am not bullshitting, i really feel like something was lifted from around my heart region :)
  4. dread...if you can do your job, then you aren't smoking too much...just my opinion.
  5. i love my job, but i really do hate the people i work for. makes it easier to do what im supposed to do, but not have to answer to anyone
  6. and i must be the only person who smokes before work. :)
  7. I smoke every morning before I go to work. I pretty much do the same thing as you everyday. I sit in a temperature controlled climate, except the headset on my head are head phones. I sometimes smoke at work, but I'm paranoid that someone will see me. (I park in a parking deck) So, don't feel bad, I think more people that you know tie smoking in with work.
  8. oh at the job spot, many people smoke and we even have some drinkers. but i dont think they smoke like i do, it never did benifit me to go off and smoke with a work mate during lunch. i dont want anyone to kno i smoke there.
  9. um, i guess after several years, ya dun notice it anymore. at least thats how i feel. i think ya should do more then jus smoke, like wake and bakes, and smokin before ya sleep. also smoke and do other recreational activities outdoors. i usually walk in a forest and toke while walkin the trail. drugs
  10. Thats nothing bro, Your fine as long as you get the job done and well your in good shape. Its when you start not showing up to work to go get baked, and a gram a day isnt bad at all. Dont worry man your not bad at all.
  11. It's to much when it starts affecting your work.Simple as that.
  12. As long as you're not endangering yourself or others then I don't think its a problem.It'sa bit dodgy if your driving a school bus or something like that, but in an office the worst you can do is maybe staple yourself to the desk.
    I have worked and smoked for over 20 years and never had a problem mixing the two.
    Keep tokin dude and good luck.
  13. i used to plug my vaporizer in at my office and me and my friends would just get ripped at work. funny thing is, we shared the building with the sheriff's department.

  14. hahaha, sweet!

    Dread mon' you have nothing to worry about and I think you should up the dosage to 1/2 gram every break!
  15. i remember this thread :) re-reading made me smile, as far as an update, not much has changed, i still smoke at work, but not on the way anymore :) i smoke at my 10 oclock break, sometimes lunch. and then on the ride home, if any thing, my habbit has changed, oh it may be to the fact that my new batch will wreck you :)

    on that note i shouldnt feel bad either, apperantly more people at my job smoke then i though. its been a topic of discussion that just gets a smile from me. its the typically "Notty Dread" stereotype lol
  16. ive smoked weed for around 12 yrs now, on a daily basis. sometimes i feel i should cut down a little, because i get what we in england call brainfog.( finding it hard to consentrate, motivate)my boss blazes all day long at work,and we often share a spliff at a photographer and i find im more imaginative when baked (obviously!)

    i dont think you are smoking too much, its only when it starts to alter your moods and thoughts that its time to chill a bit.

    i stopped smoking for around six months a few yrs back, because i was getting paraniod attacks, i was driving whilst stoned and almost had a crash. my fault. it freaked me out and i wouldnt drive ,even if i was straight.

    i realised this was an irrational way to think, so i laid off the weed for a while.

    im fine now,
    i get in the car , turn up the tunes, and im away!!!

    but to ease your mind , i think you sound pretty normal and you are certainly not smoking too much.

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