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how fast do you smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lilro, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. I mostly smoke alone and I think I smoke kinda fast..I take my hit...take 3 deep breaths and take this fast?? And/or worse for my lungs??
  2. really stupid thread imo
  3. Now that I think about it, I take a while to finish a bowl lol. I usually take a hit from my bong every 5-10 minutes. One hit usually puts me on my ass. The three in me now have me on cloud nine.
  4. I usually grind all the weed I want to smoke and load snaps in my bong or bubbler over a long period of time, I began to wake n bake around 7:30 and I'm still smokin till I have to get ready for class
  5. I always get distracted and end up taking forever :smoke:
  6. I usually slow down the more hits I have in me as it starts to all hit me. So probably it would depend on the bowl size more than anything. :smoke:
  7. by myself i do go pretty fast because i dont have my own place to sit back and enjoy it. I just want to finish it and do what ever.
  8. i love grav bong hits, it takes time and while taking em you can just chill and watch a movie.
  9. If I'm alone I usually throw on iTunes and browse the web, putting the cherry out nearly every hit and just taking a hit when I look at the piece again. In a circle though I just hit it as soon as it's passed to me.
  10. whyd you post in it then? or even open it?

    oP: when i smoke alone & my parents are home i'm usually quicker about it.
    when im off @ school, w/ friends, home alone, or alone in general then i take a lot longer
    its more enjoyable when i take my time... sometimes its accidental, i get so stoned i forget im holding the bowl haha
    and letting the high set in before the bowl is even done is great, longer high.... rushing it usually shortens my high.
  11. One bowl usually lasts me a couple hours in the evening. I'll start at 6 and by the time 10 rolls around and King of the Hill is on its my que to finish my bowl or load a partial one, finish it all then head to bed.
  12. Pretty quick.

    In my old mini bong it would take me about 5 - 7 minutes to finish a bowl

    In my new zong it takes me 1 hit and I've cleared the bowl then I start cleaning and exhale after 3-4 seconds. It hits amazingly, I may post pictures.
  13. i smoke pretty fast. i hit it till its done.
  14. my tolerance is a little high but when i feel like getting baked i take 2 hits back to back with no breath in between. ;)
  15. When i finish work i pull snappers till the cows come home.

    You'd be lucky iy your doing any damage at all really.
  16. Smoking by yourself? There's no set limit or speed and anyone who says so is just talk. Whatever and however long it takes for you to get high, good for you: you're high, that's all that matters.
  17. when i blaze alone, i like blazin a joint. and ill hit that shit fast as hell. gets me stoonnneddd... the faster u smoke the higher ur get.
  18. Haha i do pretty much the same thing. I wait til around 9, pack a big bowl in my bubbler and smoke it, then right before KOTH, i load up my bong and enjoy the show :bongin:
  19. Good contribution.

    The entire smoking process (grinding, packing, etc) takes about 15 minutes for me. The actual act of smoking only takes a few minutes if that's all I'm doing. Sometimes, though, late at night I'll be playing a game (Aion Online right now...I can't believe I let myself get addicted to another MMO) and I'll smoke while playing. If I do that, I might not finish the bowl for 20 minutes, but it's a little more fun than sequestering myself off in my bathroom.
  20. I always like to sit back and enjoy the time I spend with the herb. The times vary.

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