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How far will weed smell travel with a sploof?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Myahhhhh, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. I'm planning to smoke a joint in at the top of a large tree (~30ft tall) with a sploof and I was wondering how far the smoke from the end of the joint would travel? The thing is, is that the tree is in the middle of my condo complex and it's next to a few houses so I don't know if the smell will travel that far.

  2. If you're going to use a sploof, I don't see a need to climb in a tree.

    Infact, can I suggest taking a long walk down the street for a while instead? Climbing a tree sober only to get high doesn't sound like the best idea. Probably just me though.

    With that being said, the joint is still going to constantly emit smoke. So being farther away from the location you need to be, the better. So try and find a dark empty space a block or so away from the spot you were planning on going anyways.

  3. Why use a sloof if its a j? That defeats the whole purpose of the sploof. Just smoke it.

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  4. Why not just smoke in your condo? It seems to me like you'll draw a lot more attention trying to smoke in a communal tree than in your own home.
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  5. Thanks for the replies, yeah I might just not do it in my condo
  6. Lol I think I wanna climb a tree and get baked never thought of that before
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  7. Only way you could reduce smell/excess smoke is if you used a pipe and a coin to cover it after you hit it (or a vape lol). With the sploof I can't imagine the smell from exhaled smoke being very strong at all.
  8. A sploof won't help a Jay because it's constantly burning. I've smoked in plenty of deer stands, but I doubt you're hunting. What's the purpose of climbing the tree?
  9. I use one of those little brass bat one hitters....very little smoke, and smell only from exhale. I have not been in a tree since I was a kid, and do not forsee me doing so. Stay Safe I hope this helps

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