How far should 250w HID Lights be from my plants

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DatkidGROW, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. I got 1 Diesel plant (Had another but its dying) im adding 3 more (got em germinating right now)

    So I got 4 Auto Diesel and I want to buy a light kit for when seedling stage is over. Im thinking of buying a 150w or a 250w light kit with MH and HPS. But space is limited. How close can I get the 250w from the plant and how far should the 150w be. I only have 1f 2" from the top of the pot.
  2. If you have a fan blowing across your tops/bulb, which you should, you can get it within a few inches. I've had no damage at 4"... that is until I removed my fan to make iso hash and forgot to raise my light. :eek:

    My advice... get the 250. If height is a problem, use a 2'x2' scrog. Make it so that the screen is 5" from the top of the pot, that leaves you 9" from screen to light. Plenty of room for an indica dom and a shitload of 5" colas. Even better, get yourself a 7 or 10 gal smartpot and cut a few inches of fabric off the top so you've got a shorter, but wider pot. Huge advantage when dealing with such a short space.

    With my limited experience, I'd recommend Blueberry. 90% indica, very potent, reacts well to training and doesn't stretch much. Pheno I got was a little sensitive to nutes, but that's the only drawback I can speak of.

    Cheers!! :bongin:
  3. Thanks for the great advice! and for being so humble :) I will definatly consider getting Blueberry next time I buy seeds. I want to buy this 250w HPS MH Grow Light Digital Ballast Kit Hangers, Timer Complete 250 watt | eBay Which reflector would you recommend? Here are my measurements
    From front to back I have 2Ft
    Left to Right I have 2Ft 4"
    Top of the Pot to Top I have 1Ft 5"

  4. As for the reflector, I'd go as big as you can fit in your space. I had some problems with my ballast, so HTG Supply hooked me up with a bunch of free upgrades, including a bigger hood. The difference in coverage between a small hood and a large hood was incredibly noticable, you can get your bulb closer without losing much footprint.
  5. Yeah, well my 400 watt is about 6 inches away with a fan nearby blowing across the tops, & I still have a Little browning, or drying out of the tips of the buds....I don't think it's really affecting much, just minimal....I thought of Blueberry from PeakseedsBC, but it says sensitive to fertilization, & No guarantee with germination!!
    Have your light as low as your temperature allows. This will depend on how well you have set up your ventilation

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