How far from tops of plants? (MH1,000)

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  1. How far from the plants should my MH go? It's 1000 watts I had it about 2ft and they are starting to look crispy after a few hours also just a few hrs. into it the leaved are devolouping brown on the edges. This is my first try, so I knew I would have trial and error, but I think I need some help here. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  2. high Jimi

    Make sure that your plant is watered properly..I found out with my 400watt MH that I can't let my babys get to dry..24" should be alright..I keep mine at about 18" above plants..I put my hand on top of the plant an see if it is hot to me..If it is then it is to hot for the plant..Kinda trial an error..Keep a fan going all the time so air is moveing in your grow area..REMEMBER plants like tunes also..Mine are hooked on classic ROCK & ROLL..Stay cool.. :D :D :D

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  3. Well, to me it is gonna be pretty hot no matter how high up it goes. I do not have the glass that I could get to slide into the reflector, would this help with the heat?

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  4. High jimi

    You bet the glass would help..You could get glass at a glassshop..You'll be needing fans in the hood ..All trial an error my friend , so keep workin at it an you will get it all dialed in..Stay cool an gow big BUDS

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