How Far From Seedlings Should i Have my 600W HPS

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by RaZoR_2004, May 14, 2004.

  1. I have not got very good ventilation yet, a few centrifugal are on their way, but i have it 2 1/2 feet away from them, they are a couple inches tall and i have 1 fan blowin on each of them (PC fans). it is not getting too hot at all there, i tried taking pics but they all had all these black lines through them. anyways, all info and comments appreciated.
  2. 2 1/2 to 3 feet is fine. No closer though. Seedlings are very delicate. Good luck.
  3. another question, it takes a few minutes for the light to power up... is that normal?
  4. That's completely normal. No worries, mate.

  5. itl'l make a clicking noise and a spark will go up the light, and it does that for a minute or so and then finally it will light up.... so theres no probs then?

  6. None at all. I've never personally seen a 600w HPS turning on per sé, but my 250w does more or less the same thing, but it sounds as if it might be a bit faster process than yours. The clicking, sparking, buzzing, and whatnot, unless obnoxiously loud, is normal.

  7. Lycanthropy: it is not loud at all, it is relitavely silent process.

    Grodaka, These are soil, these are goign to be the mothers and i am goign to take clones off them for hydro usage...
  8. theyre a couple weeks old, withe 3 nodes, very compacted together, i have had them under flouros for most of that time and i just put them under teh 600W a couple days ago, they have always been on 18/6. when they were under flouros they had very good ventilation, and not yet have i got the centrifugals but soon. still living at home, i have been given a grow space that is 5' 4" x 3' 3" x 6' 5" and can go as high as 8ft (adjustable roof). completely lightproof room with dual doors so no light escapes when opening the room to go into the room. and i also have a cupboard in my room with 2 4ft flouros and a few 100W output CFs for clones/cloning and the mothers later on.
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