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How far does a cotton swab drug test go back for.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by lilgangsta420, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. I'm just wondering on a mouth swab drug test how many days back can it go
  2. 3 days tops.
  3. Cool cool thanks I have to see my po officer I thought I was fucked...
  4. Swabs are quite inaccurate as they stand, but always stop 3 days before and you should be fine. If you feel you cut it close then eat some altoids right before you get in there.
  5. Ok cool cool thanks...
  6. Swab tests are the easiest to fool! Quit for a few days, and just practice EXCELLENT oral hygiene the day of the test (brush teeth, gums, inside of cheeks, floss, use a high alcohol, or tartar-control mouth wash, repeat) and you will be fine.

    One kid reported being asked if he had drank any sodas within the hour, so wet your whistle on the way down there! The soda's acids might help give your mouth a final cleansing.

  7. Cool thanks for the info
  8. Yeah I used to work for Publix supermarkets and I had to do a cotton swab. I had smoked the day before and was called in for the test. A buddy I was going to be workin with said to use Listerine. I did that and passed with flying colors. Good luck to ya brother!
  9. I smoked 3hits off of a blunt Saturday at about 2:00in the afternoon and I have mouth swab on tuesday at 3:00. will I be fine if I brush and do peroxide rinse?
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    3 year old dead thread there champ. Brush your teeth no matter what and rinse with regular mouthwash. If nothing else the people around you will appreciate it. Kinda minty nonshitty flavor might be a bit off for you but trust me it's good.

    Heard of same day passing but 2 or 3 days is better.
  11. were you talking to me
  12. i took a mouthswab for safeway once and passed, i had only been smoking little over a week before.

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