How far along do u think she is

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  1. Started flowering end of August

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  2. 4 more weeks
  3. One person?
  4. Hard to tell by pics but I'm gonna go with mikeyman I would say at least 3 to 4 weeks
  5. I'm new to growing I know the ways to check with the brown pistles and half milkey trichromes but why do u guys think it's got that much time left
  6. We need better pics. When most of the hairs turn white to brown, check your trichs.
  7. Well like I said before it's very hard to tell how long it has by pics all anyone can tell you is a guess just by looks and experience. I don't care if your the best grower in the world telling how long a plant has to go by a pic is just a guess. But I'm looking at your second the close up pic and the bud looks like it's maybe 5 to 6 weeks into flower so depending on the strain your normal is 8 to 9 weeks for flower that's why I said 3 to 4 more weeks. So just keep an eye on her don't pull early you will be much more happy if u let here go till the end.
    Hope this helps and good luck hope she turns out nice for ya
  8. wait. till you definitely see a few amber trichomes.
  9. ;);););)
  10. Ok thanks and yea I'll take a couple better ones tommrow

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