How experienced of a stoner are you?

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    This is multiple choice.Be Honest Mark any of the smoking devices youve used at LEAST 10 times before. Lets see what is the most used and least used smoking device :D
  2. Used all but chillum and vape more than 20. :D

    I've used a chillum only a few times before, and never used a vape.
  3. I have honestly smoked 2 joints, and used a bong once...

    its ALWAYS pipes!
  4. Yeah, never used a Vape, Chillum, and never even heard of a

    Otherwise, used some of the other ones um...hundreds of times :)

    Wait, how is joints not number 1? :)

    Back when I was young.....that's all we had lol :p
  5. I've used all of those way too many times to count, except maybe the bubbler. I think I've used my friends maybe twice.
  6. I dont know about everyone else but everyone I know that smokes started out with a pipe of some sort. Be it a toilet paper roll wrapped in tinfoil or an aluminum can Id be willing to bet that 3/4 of the stoners out there started on a pipe.
  7. joint, bong, pipe. gravity:smoking:
  8. You dont know what a bubbler is? Do you even smoke?
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  9. Poll says 10x, post says 20x. Consistency FTW. :p

    Either way, wouldn't matter in my case. I'd say I've used each one at least twenty times.
  10. All of them.

    The number should be like.... 1,000. Instead of 20. Haha.
  11. I feel like this thread is going to turn into a pissing contest...
  12. Yeah I know but otherwise no one would pick most of them lol Im tryin to see what is the least and most used device
  13. I have used all of them hundreds of times except vaporizer I have only used a vape a few times.

    I use my bong the most and vaporizer is what I user the least
  14. i've used all of them wayy more than 10 times, but bubblers and bongs are probably my most used. I just love waterpipes.
  15. I've only smoked from a chillum once or twice, and once from a gravity bong (I went to the moon, but it was rough clearing it, heh). Aside from those, at least 10 times, if not way more for everything else.

    For vapes, I've used the different kinds (portable vapes, desk vapes, and volcanoes) several times totaling over 10 times, but for each one I don't really know. :confused:
  16. all but the vape. only used a handheld vape maybe...5 times.
  17. ie used them all alot but have never hit a gravity bong but i think today is the day to try it
  18. Wow im very surprised that joints arent winning right now
  19. used all of them wayyyyyy more than 10 times besides the vape ive only vaped a few times and cant wait to get the money for one

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