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How Easy Is It To Get A Med Card?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by fitterbrad, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. I broke my back mult places. And was thinking of relocating to get a med card. I want to lighten my pain meds and start smoking for pain relief.
  2. Once you obtain residency in the state of California, and you get state issued ID, you can get your card in 30 minutes and be high within the hour.
  3. Depends on where you are located. States have different processes

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  4. Depending on state. If you have records of your back X-ray's MRI etc. Won't be hard. Here in nm they want records that are not more than a year or two old. Have to be a resident and as long as you have cash and the records in about 2 weeks you will be blazing it.
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    California is the easiest place to "get medically legal" You need proof of residency (driver's license or California ID card from the DMV), you need your medical records from your regular doctor,  and some cash- anywhere between $40 and $150 (shop around).
    The visit is much like any first visit to a doctor office- you fill out an info form, get weighed and BP is taken. When you see the doctor, you will get a little talk on how to use cannabis, the laws and such. The doctor asks if you have any questions, answers them, and leaves. You go back out front and pay the cute receptionist, and she hands you your recommendation letter. You are now legal to buy cannabis as soon as you get yourself to the dispensary!
    There is often a slight delay before you can buy stuff at the dispensary- they need to call and confirm that you are a registered patient- usually takes 5 or 10 minutes.  You can also now grow your own- dispensaries carry seeds and clones usually, as well as concentrates, edibles and dried herb.  You may wish to visit several dispensaries- they often give freebies for new customers! :yay:
    Use CraigsList to check out any area you are thinking of moving to. You can find out rental availability, and much more! Googlemaps can provide you with street-level virtual tours of neighborhoods. And Chamber's of Commerce will often send newspapers and brochures with glowing descriptions of their towns!  I wouldn't live in a big city, but rural northern California can be very nice!
  6. Thanks for the info it is greatly appreciated.
  7. it is  depend   in your state where you   are located.
  8. I agree with the other posts, it depends on the state because one will be more relaxed than another
  9. you need residency in any state to get that states card... here in New Mexico as long as you have a medical history with chronic pain and have the records to support it you wouldn't have a very hard time at all..... sometimes takes about a month to see a doctor than you need to wait 2-4weeks for the card to come in the mail.
    my question is have you tried cannabis for pain relief? would be really silly if you came way out somewhere only to find it doesn't help you.
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    I live in LA and i got my medical card. Most legit doctors won't prescribe you the shit unless you got cancer or something. More about their reputation than anything, so you go to the "specialists". You gotta be careful cause you can totally overpay for just a meaningless slip of paper. Most of the places out here are paper mills, they just take your money, you check a few boxes, headaches, insomnia, whatever and they give you a slip of paper. the card itself costs like 15 bucks but you gotta be careful cause the first place i got it from out on venice beach charged me over 100$ for a whole year. They said it was 40$ for a consultation but then they bait and switch and tell you they charge by the month. Fucking ripoff, man. Then i shopped around and found a place that charges 40 flat for first timers, 30 for returning patients. There was a dispensary next door, but i don't fuck with that shit cause i get some mid grades dirt cheap delivered right to my door. Sometimes faster than ordering pizza. Its all about knowing where to look.
    P.S. Weedmaps. Just look on weedmaps. Fucking invaluable.

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