How Early to Flower?

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  1. Hey guys, I'm about to pop some new seeds and I was going to try to flower them as early as they can be flowered, just for experimental purposes. If I get them rolling from seeds for about two weeks, can I throw them under 12/12? I'm expecting really low buddage, but I thought it might be interesting to try.
  2. If my flower tent is empty I put them in there as soon as they have 5 or 6 leaf sets. Way early, they do fine. Then you clone and veg while they finish and get your bigger ones. thats how i roll.
  3. I've heard of straight flowering from seed and from the images they grew nicely. If you're experimenting, I'm sure you'll try that eventually. Let us know!
    I'm experimenting with different mediums. Bubbles seem to be awesome, but only taste will tell.
  4. These ladies are clones that went into 12/12 soon as they show roots. The ones in the round cups were 3-4 inches tall when 12/12 started. 3 of the new ones were 1-2 inches when 12/12 started

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  5. kk i'll come back to this when i find out. i like the I Have This's advice, I think I might check that out. I'm also going to try to top during flowering, just for the hell of it.
  6. Yeah you can flower them as soon as you like, I normally veg just long enough to take a clone (about 3 weeks from sprout) then throw their asses into 12/12 :D

    Here's a white widow I harvested last week, zero veg time, she went into 12/12 as soon as she rooted (clone). I was experimenting also :p

  7. Wow! How tall was that clone when you put it in 12/12? I, myself, have 4 white widows that were put into my sog cab at 2 inches. That pic gives me hope...not to mention a boner :p
  8. LOL! Right on man. I literally took them off the cloning machine and straight into 12/12, they were working on the 3rd leafset at the time. Here they are after a few days

    And then 10 weeks later just before harvest...

    Very tempting to run more of them through that size, yielded 3/4 oz from the Super Lemon Haze (left) :yummy: and 1 oz for the WW.
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    Awesometastic! I got 2 Super Lemon Hazes in the cab too :D They're on day 6 of 12/12

    Just went and looked in on 'em, I was wrong about the heights. The WWs went in at 2.5-3.5 inches, the SLHs went in at 4.75 and the other 5.5 inches.

    Forgot to mention too that these 6 were taken off plants that were 12 days into flower. I was expecting these ladies to go through some sort of re-veg shock but they've been troopers. They act like they didn't mind going from 12/12 to 24/0 to 12/12 over the course of 8 days. :confused_2:

    Don't have any in the cab that will be ready to smoke anytime soon but I should be able to start sampling off the "mothers" of these clones in about 3 weeks.

    You can see from the pics that I learned the hard way that there is a fine line between LSTing a young plant and damn near breaking the bitch in half :eek:

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  10. Very cool, you will love this SLH man, it's one of my favs so far, such a great smoke. I have a monster I'm about to pull in two weeks, hoping for 4 zips or so.

    I took some cuts off a plant two weeks into flower (how strange are all these coinkydinks?) because I forgot to keep a mother and they looked incredible for a week or two after rooting, but then went into that really bad hair day look. I know this routine - 3 weeks of fugliness then back to vegging. So they are currently in week 2 of that :mad:

    If I threw them into 12/12 after rooting, I bet they would be chill like yours.

    Cool pics man, I see the broken neck in the back LOL Another coinkidink - my latest update is some super cropping I had to issue to an unruly Blueberry LOL
  11. Lol, AskEd, you have a protege!
  12. No doubt! I've been questioning my choice of beans on my last order...not worried about that anymore :D

    Glad to hear good things about the SLH. After I placed my last order I kept hearing nothing but bad things about Greehouse Seeds. :smoke:
  13. Well they're genetics aren't that bad, it's just Arjan is an egotistical prick who cares more about making money than producing a good stable product.
  14. LOL! I don't know about all that but it's cool to run into other growers running the same stuff. Wasabi has a more advanced grow box than mine, I just hung a curtain or two up in my closet basically :rolleyes:
  15. Capitalism in action :rolleyes:

    That was my set-up about a year ago. I used the closet in master bedroom and it worked pretty good. My GF (ex now) never did like having pot growing in the house so it only lasted one cycle, that's when I moved the gear back to the old spot again and set up some of what I have going on now. :smoke:
  16. I think SLH was stabalized before all that Arjan fallout went down, I dunno :confused: But yeah I hear the bad stuff on GHS too, a lot of growers still use them though.

    Wasabe - good job on getting a new GF LOL
  17. LOL, don't have a new one yet. Based on what I got going on (or should that be growing on...) at the moment I'm a bit apprehensive about bringing home any prospective mates. :p
  18. I think he was referring to your (hopefully) female plant. You'll see what he means as it starts flowering:hello:
  19. Ahhh haha, I gotcha. :p

    I look forward to grabbing a handful of canna-boobie. Yum :smoke:
  20. omg, i think we have a new forum name: CANNABOOBIES!

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