How early can I sex the plants.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by deft, Mar 28, 2006.

  1. Just ordered seeds (dutch passions durban poison) and I was looking at my setup for starting them indoors (have to put them outside once they get to big for my space), and I wondered if I could sex them before putting them in the ground. So heres the question, how early can I start 12/12 in terms of size and age and can I just revert back to 18/6 light cycle after I know and be ok till they go in the ground?
  2. Grow to about 8 nodes top them down to the 3rd or 4th node, use the top as a clones for sexing...choke with ya later..
  3. Deft,
    Wait until the plant has alternating nodes (usually a foot tall) and put under 12/12 light until sex is determined. Then you can continue to flower at 12/12 or go back to 18/6 for more veg growth. This will NOT adversely affect the plant and is the best way to do it.
  4. Both good sugestions, but I cant take clones since I dont have the time to grow them out inside due to high risk of getting foud out. I guess I'll keep them for like a month or so, would that give them enough size to be able to sex them without too much stress?
  5. You can just put your clones in a cardboard box with a hole in the top for a warm tone CFL light. Put the light on a timer and throw the whole thing under your bed. You don't have to grow the clones to a foot tall if your mother plant is already sexually mature.

  6. If you can get them to a foot tall in 4 weeks then you will be fine. It is absolutely possible.
  7. Well the average last frost is mid-late may so I guess I should start mid april. I'm just worried. I went to home depo today and got a timer for $5.20 and was looking at the lighting, would a compact CFL with no spectrum info be better than my two medical lights that say they have a specturm like the sun? Trying to think cheep here, and I just need to get them to where I can clone or sex. Anyone know of a physical store I could visit that would sell compact CFLs of the right spectum? Like walmart or some place thats a nation wide chain.
  8. Home Depot should have compact CFL's. You can use those and your Med lights if the med lights are flouro's. Before you do cloning you have to know the sex (female).
  9. I was thining of cloning and then sexing them inside to know what i have going outside, but I think that it would be to much work and risk. I'll just grow them inside till I know what they are. I went to the home depo and they had CFLs but they didnt come with an attached ballast so I dont think they're plug and play which is what I want. Ohh welll I tested the timer and it works well and the lights seem to have a high output. I'll go take some pics of them now.

  10. are you talking about the spiral CFLs? at home depot they have the spiral ones that just screw in like any other light bulb
  11. I didnt see any like that in the lighting department but I didnt look too hard, I saw the kind with a bunch of long U shaped tubes but with no built in balast to start them.

    Anyways heres a pic of the two medical lights I have at my disposal. The big one has a nice reflector that I can move around so its right over the plants. The little one has a nice blue light to it and is pretty bright for its size and I can move it right over the plants also.
  12. Deft,
    Those lights look pretty good. Do you know if they are warm flouros or cool flouros? By the way, the 3000 GT is a sweat ride. What are the specs on your car? When you get the C5 we will have to race. I have a 2000 NSX-T, the two cars were neck and neck for the years prior to 2000. Anyway, talk to you soon.
  13. your on the right path,,,im sure youll do fine,,,,,the flourecents will quench your thirst for now, if the indoor bug bites you,,,youll be investing in a h.i.d. light soon...
  14. The small one is very blue and the big one is white/warmm, they dont list color temps. I just spent all my money on a new computer so no HID for me (car or grow lol).

    My car is a 95' caracas red VR4, active areo, electroniclay controlled suspension, 3.0L twin turbo AWD, all wheel steering, and more fun stuff but its pretty heavy for how well it handles. Havent gone crazy on mods since I plan to sell it after a few years but I have a 3" pre-cat eliminating DP from my shop, test pipe and no cats, new Potenza 750 somthing or other tires (tires make all the difference IMO), plugs and wires, ISSPRO gauge, nice brass MBC, huge K&N, DSM BOV, Dejon tool Y pipe, EGR system block off plates. So its not gonna pass emissions but it serves me well. I was thining about upgading turbos and support stuff but since I have already picked out my next car I am going to save for that instead. Heres a pic

    Edit: Heres a cool link comparing all of the japanese "supercars" when they all were out in 90' including hte VR4 and NSX.
  15. Sweet ride man
  16. But back on topic, how long will it take the plants to get big enough to sex? I want to transplant late may to outdoors. Ohh and I got a nice 30w CFL for $8 today at walmart, it will add some light I'm shure.

    Edit: How large is a well grown 7 week old sativa?
  17. It is possible to get a plant ready to sex and flower by week 4. A large seven week old sativa may be able to get 2 feet tall or so maybe more.
  18. Hrmm thats a bit too large, I'd like them to be around a foot by late may so When should I germinate do you think?
  19. If you start them indoors they will be limited by the size of the pot. They might not get to two feet by late May early April. If you keep them in an 8" pot or something they will get root bound and growth will slow. You could probably keep them like this for a short while, while they are waiting to be planted outdoors.

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