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how dry have you been?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NaughtyDread, Dec 10, 2003.

  1. i must say, this year, i was not effected by drought at all. i went dry for a week in sept, and that was because the hurricane screwed everybody, other than that, there is more weed around than i can remember, the economy must be getting better :) what about you guys? sound off with your location in the country and your drought condition. im in SE VA!
  2. there was a drought ? Don't think it effected the south east..
  3. id say this was probably one of the best years for the mid-west in a long time. seems like everybody always has it.
  4. no problem in Georgia.
  5. no problem at all here in northern dc and maryland either. never seen so much bud in my life
  6. it is lovely :) its all over the place. it was nothing like this last year, it was very, very ugly
  7. never better never better this has been bud heaven in upstate Ny. new dealers pop up every week cause were flooded with so much green
  8. No problems locating in Indianaville....
  9. No problems over here in dealer currently has 18 ounces of white rhino
  10. we had a little bit of a shortage... lasted about a week. but if you knew the right people you could get it.

    otherwise it's been flowing freely :D

    ...lotta people being locked up though :(
  11. Hash is always around.
  12. too much damn rain in TN. If I could send it your way, I would.
  13. I'm in SE Va too, and I noticed the same thing. No real
    drought this year. I had to wait about four days at one point.
    That's it.

    Which is so fuckin cool. Last year I had to wait a few weeks
    at one point. That sucked.

    But it's all cool this year.
  14. i have a 20 worth for 2 weeks now.. i havent smoke it.....latezz..
  15. Usually never a problem in CT, and if any thing came up a quick trip to brooklyn would fix it mighty quickly and effectively =)
  16. its so good to hear everyone has been straight so far this year. i was thinking there would be a shitty interior harvest with all the rain last spring/summer. not so. :)
  17. Yeah I have never been dry this year. But, I haven't been able to get what I want. In the part of Iowa I am from I cannot get Kind like I want to. I have to drive two hours.

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