how dry do you like your bud?

Discussion in 'General' started by Hamachi12, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. I like mine just a tad humid, because it seems like it produces a bit more smoke and it doesn't feel so dry on the throat. 

  2. Well it sucks if its too dry because it pretty much turns to powder when u break it up

    And if its too fresh it doesnt burn evenly

    It needs to be in that goldilocks zone!
  3. I'm with this guy I love nice fluffy buds with that little bit of wet/sticky feel to em. That seems like the best burning and tasting kind.

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    Nothin worse than good bud that's so dry you get three tokes and it's beat
    Having said that I kinda
    Like it on the dryer side. I like it a little crumbly. I like the harsher toke. But not real dry
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    I like it when it's sticky, a tad fresh/wet, and when you can hear the crunch of the nug coming off you know it's perfect.
  6. goldilocks is right. I've added shisha to dried bud to make it much more pleasant. While using my hookah of course.
  7. I like it so that I can bust a nug with a pinch and twist in my hand, but not so dry that it crumbles into dust and crumbs.
  8. Id like to try this but instead of adding flower to the shisha I want to add co2 extracted hash oil
  9. Yeah definitely don't want your herb to dried out, sometimes it's nice to have it a little more dry if your trying to crush it down really fine for firecrackers, etc but that's about it.
    The smoke definitely feels less harsh and better smoke when it's just right. Nothing beat fresh, frosty bud that breaks up and smokes just right.  :smoke:
  10. I like it dry, but not dry enough to crumble to dust. And wet enough to still have flavor. When I light it, I want it to brown slightly as a taster hit, then the second time I light it should cherry nicely, never touching the flame to the bud.

    Drier weed = bigger hits
    what do you mean by firecrackers?
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    I like it when it's cured properly and isn't old enough to have dried out
  13. Dry as a grandma's cunt.
  14. I prefer to purchase it fresh, but I do like it e when it is a little on the dry side. It burns better. I agree, too dry and harsh.

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