How does your weed cost?

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  1. So how much does your bud usually cost? Do you buy small or large quantities? How long does it last you?
  2. quarter $75-80 (last me about a week)
    half $140-150 (week and a half to two weeks)
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    Dub $20
    Eight $35-$50 this usually last me about 4 days

    Quarter ounce $70-80 week and a half...I feel like it should last a lil longer. Maybe I smoke it quicker cause I see that I have more

    From Brooklyn NY
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    I usually just buy quarters, could be like 80-90 and will last me about 3 weeks. My Extreme Q always comes in handy :hello:

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    $150 an ounce
  6. $50-$70 for a qt oz of decent bud or better, which usually last me around a week

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  7. 300 an ounce, unfortunatly bud varies in potency as well.

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  8. Used to cop a quarter for $70 but now for $60. Depending on how I smoke it will last a couple weeks

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  9. $45 for an eighth of dank.
  10. $200 a zip, lasts me at least a month.
  11. My weed costs good.

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  12. 80-120 oz I'll just get a gram for 5 if I don't got the cash at the time.. The weed is usually pretty dank too.

    Sucks to suck
  13. Nothing. Haven't bought weed in like 3 months, usually my cuz just hooks me up since he has a good connection :)
  14. I get an ounce of top quality weed for £160 or free as a payment for cropping ;)

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  15. $80 a month in electricity.
  16. I pay $100 and eigth for wax.
    Average seems to be soemthing like 120-140 an eigth though.
  17. 1 Gram - Free
    3.5 Grams - Around $5-$10
    7 Grams - Around $15-$20
    14 Grams - Around $35-$40
    28 Grams - Around $75-$80
    Usually chronic but sometimes I'll have to take mids but he shaves the prices by around 25%
  18. per gram - $10 
    eighth - $30
    quarter - $65
    half - $110
    oz - $200
    I've never bought more than an ounce at a time
  19. About 20 bucks every month when I take in consideration electricity costs and resources put in. However I never gotta pay someone for weed, and that is great.
  20. Weed cost me time + effort + $80/mo for electricity so it's worth about $1,000,000/oz, my time is very valuable

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