How Does Weed Burn?

Discussion in 'General' started by drummerboy77, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. not as dumb as the question sounds, so here;

    so whats up blades? my first post, had the account a while but never had a good topic. And ive got a question. i just rolled up some stuff with these top rolling papers, theyre real short. but i rolled 2 joint with them and two tobacco cigs (i roll my own cigs :p), one of each for me, one of each for my girlfriend. now note, from the outside, they look exactly the same, just white paper. but on the inside of one, its straight weed, and the other, straight tobacco. okay, well i smoked the joint first. and i started noticing it was getting really hot close to my lips, but the ember was still pretty far away. and when it was getting real hot, and i put it out, the roach still had a good amout of weed in it. Then i smoked the cig. and it was only hot right near the ember, and i was able to comfortably smoke it further down then i could with the joint. another note, i dont smoke filtered tobacco, so it didnt have a filter in the cig. So i guess the question is, does weed burn hotter than tobacco? i find this really weird, probably just cuz im really high right now lol :smoke:
  2. Tabacco burns hotter than marijuana, but I think it has to do with how fast air is flowing through the joint..

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