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How does this work?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by WookiesAreCool, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Ok here is a rant of sorts, yesterday I was caught smoking by my mom, told my dad the who she bang. After I was talked to and what not my mom was like how could you do this under our nose for so long? This got me to thinking.

    I don't understand how I can smoke (under the radar) and carry on a normal life, be a decent person, do mostly what is asked of me (I am only 18 after all, I am not perfect), yet once it is found out that I smoke I become a bad person. Somehow too, the fact that I could carry on a normal life while smoking at least once a day, is ignored. Why can't I smoke and be myself, how does smoking marijuana make me different, without that fact being known I was normal.

    One can argue that smoking makes me less productive. To that I say, I would be unproductive anyway, smoking just passes the time alot easier.

    Before they caught me they had a son that respected his parents, did as much of what his mother asked as he could. Now they have done it, I don't care how much of my summer this ruins, I will now abandon words which they so wholeheartedly dismissed when I used them; instead I will show then how respecting what I do will allow me to respect my parents.

    Thanks for reading any of this, I just needed to get this off my chest.
  2. i no what your saying bro and allparents are different and have different outlooks on things like my mom doesent smoke weed and shefound out when i got arrested and she said like the same thing i thought you were doing good yada yada....... And my mom told my dad and my dad smokes weed and is a successful person and my dad talked to me about it and he says you no if you wanna smoke weed just make sure you keep your priorties straight (live a normal life)....what im trying to say is that your parents probley dont no to much about weed because they were told that it was bad and wrecks peoples lifes there whole life,like my mom, and some parents like my dad understand that weed is the least of there worries and theres alot worse stuff out there.

  3. I don't think it's smoking persay, as much as it is you went behind their backs. It's the same trip my parents used to give me.
  4. That's tough, dude. Just imagine all the bad propaganda surrounding MJ and when your parents found out you smoke all that came back to them. Further, anything they don't like about your attitude, composure, work ethics, marks, job, etc. will be blamed on weed.

    Just remember, there are people who drink recreationally and there are alcoholics. There are people who smoke weed recreationally and there are potheads. Try to be the former rather than the latter. Lead the ignorant masses by example. We romanticise the idea of being a pothead but who wants to live their day to day life in a marijuana induced haze?

    I smoke pot on an almost daily basis and my dad drinks Irish whiskey every day when he comes home from work. My mom joins him with a vodka and tonic. They are responsible alcohol users and we want to show people that we can be responsible marijuana users. Talk to your mom about that.
  5. Great post.
  6. A lot of parents can't see past the fact that marijuana is illegal. They may be responsible alcohol users, but it is also LEGAL for them to be using alcohol.
  7. I know, but people need to know it's benefits and responsible use in spite of the fact that it's illegal. It might be a stumbling block for them but you can try. Food for thought; there are no responsible heroin users, or crack users. There aren't too many responsible tobacco users(because it's extremely addictive) either. Whiskey and weed is all I need!
  8. It's a tough obstacle to overcome the legality issue, but if you can..well, let me know how you did it! Haha.
  9. but thats when its important to point out the fact that there are plenty of things that have been illegal. or still are illegal, even though there is no plausible reason.

    -alcohol(prohibition 1920's)
    -Inter-racial marrige
    -gay marrige(depends on what side of the fence your on)

    ....... I just smoked for the first time almost a weed, so i cant really think of anymore, but you get the general idea
  10. I guess in the end, I want to be treated as an adult and I am not.
  11. Its also the classification of marijuana. It is labeled as a narcotic. Parents hear that word and they assume the worst, think the worst, and treat it as the worst. Parents don't to like about their kids using illegal narcotics and substances, they classify that as worse than alcohol most of the time. My solution? Legalize it. Remove it from the narcotics classification and stop putting it under the same category as heroin.
  12. My dad is like that, never knew I smoked (Who knows how) I think my mom knew, I came out and told them when I was 18, told them that ive been smoking sense 13ish.

    my mom cared less than my dad, my dad pretty much disregards me anymore because of it and thinks alot less of me for some reason, ill add that hes got a neckless in his top dresser with a pot leaf on it go figure.

    im almost 21 now and my dad still disregards me but my mom has come around and acually brought us closer together some how we acually get along well now.

    Maybe you'll get lucky and this will bring you closer, it takes time but I was able to turn my mom around.

    Ranting high sorry :smoking:
  13. My parents are the exact same way as urs Wookie. I'm an all around good guy, and when it comes down to it I'm pretty productive if I need to be. Grades have never been an issue, in fact I do much better in school than my straight-edge sister ever has.

    Unfortunately, what it all comes down to is that I smoked the MJ and when my parents found out about it none of that mattered. All they saw was me doing something "wrong" (wrong to them :smoke: ) Neither of my parents really drink except on party occasions...all they really do is smoke cigs. (In fact my pops is allergic to weed...found that out the hard way when he went to college *sucks real bad IMO*

    Don't know what I'm trying to get at here. Basically, I understand, and its BS
  14. My mom knows and there is no changin the way she thinks. So I just do it.

  15. Your join date would imply that you are at least 20 years of age, but that's for the Mods to figure out.

    If you'd like to be treated like an adult, then you must earn your parents' trust. To do this you pretty much have to do whatever they say. After all, it is their house, and you're at the age when they can legally kick you out for any reason at all. My advice is to respect them, and keep your shit together, otherwise they're likely to blame every little mistake you make on the fact that you smoke. So if you're in school/college, keep your grades up. If you have a job, don't show up late or get fired. Simple things like that will show them that you're not a "pothead".

    If you become disrespectful towards them that's only going to make them crack down even harder, so keep that in mind.

    Whatever your choice, I hope everything turns out alright. :)
  16. amen bro. seems like ever since i got busted i became a fuckin pariah of sorts. but i try to not let it get to me. o well, life goes on.

  17. THere is no need to call me out by the join date, no need. I am 18 now, so that's all that matters.

    Well back to my story, we all had a talk and as long as I get shit done, I can smoke a few times a week, which is more than fair in my book. My parents were more worried it was the middle of the day on a monday and that I shouldn't be smoking, instead doing something productive. I can't argue with that and we're cool now.
  18. First off it does not matter now and how can we really prove his age, He is 18 now and that was the past, so to the task at hand, JBJ told you the truth bro he knows what he is saying, and you know who you r. I mean you r who you r and if that means you smoke then you smke it is an adult decision and one you have apparently already made. Don't get down a on yourself b/c they r still your rents and love you very much they just don't want anything bad to happen to you, just be responsible and you should be golden, Good luck bro and I hate to hear that happened, but maybe you all as a family can grow. JOE>

  19. Sorry, I wasn't trying to start anything or get you banned, because that would be stupid. I just take the age restriction rules very seriously (the other rules are nice too). You don't have to be 18 to view the site because it's some super secret club, but because the owners could get into legal problems if they knowingly allowed minors onto their site. So if you're under 18 and you'd like to see this site stay where it is, DON'T COME TO IT, or it may not be here when you're old enough. That last part obviously wasn't directed at you, WookiesAreCool.

    Sweet, sounds like a victory on both sides. :)
  20. God I'm so tired of "sophicated assholes" who troll forums.

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