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how does this weed look?

Discussion in 'General' started by BillionaireBoy, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. just pick this up and have yet to smoke it. the guy i bought it from (same guy as usual) said its "supposedly" master kush and he got really fucked up. it looks like it has some spots that are really dark green and it smells super dank. you think its possible i landed some master kush??

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  2. my schwag looks better
  3. yeah mos def master kush
  4. you got ripped of bro.
  5. no one can tell you if it's "master kush" or any specific train for that matter.

    i'm guessing he didn't get "fucked up" off of it. maybe he got high?

    smoke it, see for yourself
  6. yall cant tell shit from a picture of that quality. It could be some master kush, who knows, ive seen weed in pictures of similar quality and thought it was mids, later on the same weed in hd showed its true dank quality.
  7. I dont know what you guys are talking about,its definitely not schwag

    from the looks of it,its some high mids,possibly chronic

    load a bowl and give us a smoke report brother
  8. That obviously looks really good lol...nice humble brag :)
  9. haha its like a cell pic
  10. I was thinkin the same thing, it just looks really red to me..
  11. it looks like your dealer has been putting those flavor drops on the nugs
  12. lmao this shit never fails. look man...for future reference...DONT BUY WEED BECAUSE OF THE NAME
  13. I'm totally with you on that one... so many times i've heard guys saying like "yea man, it's sour diesel" or whatever.. It always makes me laugh in their face. then i just talk to them man to man and tell them it's probably not but even if it is i don't give a fuck and won't pay extra like an idiot 16 year old.
  14. It looks kind of manhandled, but it definitely looks like it will get you high and I think that's the main thing, so you're good.
  15. I actually think it looks bomb.
  16. Looks frosty bro, I'd smoke it

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