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how does this look? [pic]

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by frosty russian, May 14, 2011.

  1. hey guys! how does this look! i paid 20 for it. it doesnt look enough so im gunna have a talk with the person i got it from. it smells like a fucken skunk exploded!even through the bag. Implanning on keeping in the bag, putting it in a pill box. and then inside a larger pill box. Inbetween the two boxes im gunna stuff like 3 dryer sheets. will this contain the smell? also even tho the sheets arent gunna be in direct contact with the bud, will it do anything to the bud like idk dry it or something? sry for pic quality. thx!:D

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  2. looks like u got ripped off...unless its some dank dank bud and fairly dense
  3. That looks about right. Looks pretty damn sexy
  4. Why would you buy without even asking how much you're getting?
  5. Oh and that should cover the smell. And it probablly won't ruin it
  6. Looks worth it to me. Where i live its expensive, so thats how much i get for twenty
  7. If it smells super dank you should be fine.
    Unless you live where i do, where so far its the cheapest dank ive ever heard of, and ive heard about most of the countrys weed prices compared to my state.
    We're the cheapest so far.
    Im really high
    sorry if that didnt make sense
  8. It looks like it could be a gram. And if it's dank, 20 is an ok price. About the smell, I would recommend just a plain old mason jar. It'll keep the bud fresh, and contain the smell.
  9. Thats a legit 20 where im from. and if its that small amount just keeping it out of sight should be enough to hide it like from parents or what not. They wont find it unless there going through your room with a fine tooth comb.
  10. Good pick up if its dank. Not a super good price but for a bag you pick up off of any normal street dealer that legit.
  11. Definitely not a gram
  12. That looks like a dime. U got ripped off bud.
  13. From where I live dimes of dank are usually 20$, and if it smells super skunky its super good and gets your super :smoke:
  14. Bull shit thats a dime. "generally" ( <<<<<look at that word) a dank gram is 20 bucks when u are new and havent built up contacts. So your saying thats .5

    I REALLY hope you dont eyeball your sacks. If anything he got cheated on 2-4 bucks worth of product and hes having a talk with the guy.
  15. You just made the man you bought it from about $18
  16. that definitely a gram. but i would advise buying a scale to make sure. you can get a decent one for like 10 bucks that will be good enough for your purposes.
  17. thats a dime
  18. Looks like .8-1g depending on the density. By the way you described the smell its probably some dank, so overall its a normal pickup for some areas in the US.
  19. are you kidding me if someone handed that to me for $20 I'd spit in their face

  20. Stop feeding this kid bullshit. It's barely a nick. Shit, he even put it next to a quarter for scaling. THAT IS NOT A DIME/DEFINITELY NOT A GRAM.

    You got ripped kid. Don't care where you are in the US. Accept it, and go get a better non-fake-ass connect.

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