How Does this Bong Work?

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  1. Recently purchased this bong, just wondering exactly how much water to fill up to and the purpose of each of these chambers?


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  2. By the pcitures I have no idea how that works. Typically, you want to fill it up 1-2 inches above the slits/hole(s).
  3. Sorry tried to get the best pictures I could....i can try and explain it, ill start from the bottom up.  So theres the middle piece of glass (bottom of top chamber) and it has a small hole about a 1/4 inch wide closer to the opposite side of the stem.  The top piece of glass has a bigger hole about 1/2 inch wide and it is centered
  4. Put some water in the big tube. put weed in the bowl on top the little tube and you light the little one while sucking on the big one.
  5. Lol no shit
  6. Seriously though, I just wanna know the purpose of these chambers
  7. Just remember to suck on the big one.
  8. maybe put some ice in it too.
  9. Like this?  :bongin:
  10. from the looks of it, you may have a stemless natural perc...looks like you may have to fill up the bottom chamber almost all the way till its full....and the section nearest to the mouth piece is an ice catcher.
  11. @[member="phunk doc"] Thank you!
  12. looks like broken percs honestly or just a really stupid slashguard. but use it like a regular bong

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