How does one find a pot hookup?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Color Hug, May 21, 2006.

  1. I don't know if this is allowed... maybe bad for this to be my 1st post here...

    I just ran out of pot 3 weeks ago because my buddy who sold it to me moved and I am a high anxiety guy due to the fact that I work 2 jobs I guess. Xanax makes people go nuts and alcahol makes me feel dirty and sick.

    I went to the ghetto today and drove around asking angry looking mexicans if they sold or smoked pot. No one did.

    I checked out and couldn't find any "420" comments for my city, salt lake city.

    What do you guys suggest I do? I'm ready to go in a fucking assylum from the anxiety. I just want to relax. :eek:
  2. I hear the temple has a nice stash...
    haha, j/j

    Yeah, looking for hookups on GC is a no-no.

    But I'll give you advice in the mean time, just find some friends who smoke, there's bound to be some more, and get them to introduce you if they are willing.
  3. Ahh, I wasn't sure if a real "hook up" site out there exsisted. I dropped all my friends becuase I'm moving soon and they got into meth, something I don't want.

    Thanks though. :) Sorry if this topic is taboo.

    Any other ideas? I think there is a Mike Jones concert tonight maybe I'll hang outside and ask people... sounds lame though...
  4. Grow it? Thats about the only advice I can give you in the Growing sub forum:eek:

  5. Thats a good idea man. I mean alot of people there will smoke, and they will be having a good time, so your bound to find someone to hook you up. Just make sure you dont get robbed
  6. K, I'll do that and make sure just to bring $60 and a gun. I can't grow. My woman would freak out.

    Thanks guys.
  7. Yea also be weary of cops. There are sure to some around
  8. lol who doesnt havea link

  9. Someone new to an area or perhaps someone who
  10. Please, no hook-ups, you were told no hook-ups and still asked for ideas. I don't know how you can score but I know one way you cannot, posting here. Plus, you are posting in a grow forum, not even the right place to be asking the wrong question.

    Take it elsewhere.
  11. hrmmmm I didn't mean to make you mad. I thought you meant "Don't ask people to give you pot on these forums" I didn't, I asked how one finds people IRL (not on this site) to get pot from.

    Sorry man.
  12. utah's dry man.. the only good ish comes from cali.. no growers in utah and 99% of the dealers are sketchy
  13. Doesnt look like he broke any rules by asking how to find a hookup... I think the rules ment no comming on here asking people on this website to send you weed... I would go to that mike jones concert tho, you'll definately find someone. Or a skate park, those have tons of people. Dont act all sketchy when you ask either, none of the people i know will sell to sketchy people. Just walk up casualy and in a low voice ask if they know where you can find any weed. Good luck on finding a hookup... One guy posted on here something, i cant find it but i'll paraphrase:
    He went to a store, and found someone he thought might possably smoke, then walked up to him and said he needed directions. the guy asked to where. he said up... guy understood he wanted some weed and sold him some.
    guess thats a good creative way, but i would be too high to understand what your asking for and probly just tell you to jump... but you get the idea
  14. Just how close to the line is OK? How far apart is asking how to score from asking if someone can supply? Even if that's not the intent of the question, some folks could PM him with offers. Just not what this place is for.
  15. Arg, I guess I should have posted this in general or not at all. No one was selling at the concert.

    I am giving up for now, I am moving to NY soon anyway, I bet it's a lot easier to find there. ;)
  16. toasty, CHILL OUT!!!

    dude, all kinds of people come on here askin for hints, its just how it is man. they need help so we lead them in the right direction, how in the HELL is it breaking the rules to tell him the mike j concert is a good idea? its not man. so chill out.

    and color hug, go to a grocery store or somen and keep wondering around until u find someone that looks baked(be careful to approach, will be very paranoid) lol. or someone wearing like, a bob marley shirt, or rasta style gear. OR, NO OFFENSE to anyone on this site. A white kid acting black(pet peeve altought alot of my friends are like this). Confront them with a hey, or like, Do you know how i can get up, point up, lol, try to hint at saying i need to get "high" lol
  17. Lots of good ideas here. I really like the asking for directions idea. Smart!

    Feel free to delete this thread btw. :)
  18. doesnt matter if its deleted or not, but ur the only one, (besides admins and mods) that can delete your own thread, just on the first thread, go to edit, then to advanced, then to delete. then type in, question answered.

    but dont worry about it really.
  19. hey dude my way for finding dealers is too stand outside the entrance of a mall or bus station and smoke a cigarette chances someone will ask you for a cigarette and chances are they will be pot smokers it also works vice versa meaning look for cigarette smokers(especially the ones that smoke newports or black and milds) this goes for black and white also look out for long hair its a dead giveaway
  20. ask the clerk at Blockbuster where he gets his.

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