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    about 3 weeks old. Had a nutrient problem with my soil that's why the few leaves are yellow. Have that under control now. I haven't used any additives quit yet to the soil mix its just fox farm. Light is 150 cfl. Time is 18x6. Opinions are needed. I will update and show the entire new grow box Friday or Saturday. Gonna look pretty decent when its finished hopefully. Positive and negative feedback is greatly appreciated

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  2. No pic.
  3. just updated it
  4. Looks solid man. Are you planning on lst'ing or anything? But yeah like I said, looks good man. Keep it up Hardly ever sober
  5. Im moving them from the pc box to a six foot grow box im about to finish by this weekend. It should look nice by the end. I will keep you updated. Its a white widow plant and im hoping to make clons. When is the best time to try that? Also when i place it in the new grow box ima try to use the scrog method i would like some assistance with that if you have any advice available? 
  6. Looks good man keep it up.
  7. This is my 6wk in veg White widow plant. Last week was the first week I was able to use my fox farms nutrients trio. I started with week 1 1/3 of the original strength. The plant is starting to look bad does any one have any idea what could be causing it? I checked the ph last week by using the runoff and it read between 6.5-6.8 I really don't no how precise it actually is. Does anyone have any advice on a good method to check ph and a good ph meter I should buy? So after I checked ph last week I was thinking it could possibly be a nutrient deficiency, some said possibly magnesium, so with my nutrient solution I mixed 1 tsp of Epsom salt. I only water my plant with my nutrient solution twice this week. How often should I water it with my nutrients solution? What is a good feeding schedule? I'm using ff soil also I just added perlite to the mix.I just placed it under my 400w mh light yesterday. Two weeks ago it looked fine so I decided to super crop it and I felt like it responded pretty well. My leaves looked so beautiful and green two weeks ago and now they look yellowish dark brownish bluish and a little orangish. What's causing this? Will this effect my yield? Will this effect my potency? The leaves are also starting to curl and they feel very brittle. Any advice is appreciated I just want to cure this problem ASAP because I want to take clones off in a week and starting the flowering process in about 2 weeks. Thank you
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