how does my plant look :D

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by yuri-san, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. whats up guys,
    i've been growing a small plant for fun, i dont have much space and i've got 2 small flos, so i kept it small but its old enough and its starting to bud now!

    i think it looks good, even though its small i think i'll get around an ounce off it. I'll be reveging after, not cutting it completely. I'd love to be able to grow a full size one but my parents arent too hot with the idea so i'll enjoy what i get to have :D

    tell me what u think of it, i havent been using ferts, i started yesterday with a normal house plant fert i guessed it might not be the best thing but it cant hurt.

    I'll post pics of the buds when they're big enough


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  2. How old is it?
  3. nice plant. I think your going to need some more lights come flower time.

    You should train it a bit and get more shoots. Just tie a string around the pot and bend the stem so you get more bud sites and so you dont have the plant stretch as much when you flower it. your going to need at least a 150 w hps or 4 -6 4' flors tubes to get an oz.
  4. it was trained and i released it for the pic
    and its a couple of months old
  5. uh... no u havent seen that on overgrow, since i dont go there....
    anyways here are 2 other pics

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  6. other angle -_-

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  7. When will you flower it?

  8. its starting now ;P

    i'll show pics when the buds are big

    Alex Mandel:
    2 and a half months maybe? i dint really keep track

  9. okay i'll get my cam and take a pic ,
    that setup on the link u posted, it WOULD be perfect but my parents are a huge prob, i cant have those long tubes cuz its gonna look "messy" i made my setup look aestetic and nice so my parents dont give me shit, thats also why i'm stuck keeping my plant small and thats also why i cant have more than 1....maybe 2 would be ok but u get what i mean. My parents think my plant is a male and its just for the heck of IS for the heck of it but its not a male.

    so thats why my setup sucks and HAS to suck, i cant get hps lights or long tubes OR anything that takes too much space.....

    i know it sux but at least i can have a plant in my parent's place and experiment, so far the only down side is that it takes much longer for it to mature and flowering is slower than usual (under hps) but other than that its fine.

    anyways i'll ul my pic in a few min
  10. the 2 small tubes

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  11. complete view

    i was thinking maybe of buying another flo almost same size and either putting it on the wall behind vertically or horizontally but near the midle of the plant.... but theres a litle board to pin up stuff behind and , as dumb as it might sound i cant take that out cuz my mom bought it and almost MADE me put it there -_- ..... oh well next time i'lll reararrange

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  12. Um you know you need 12 hours of light and 12 hours of day to make the plant flower? it dosent just start flowering on its own. Just turning the light on in your room or opening the door with a light in the hall can mess up the whole flowering cycle and stop the plant from buding. And by having an irregular light hours can make th plant go hermie. I know it looks cool but you cant grow in a setup like this. It has to be in a closet or something adn you cnat go in when the lights are off. Is this in a closet?
  13. eh.... no its not a closet, i have a timer for the lights and i made it work so i'm at sleep when it goes dark and it lights up when i wake up..... yeah i sleep almost 12 hours usually, so yeah i can grow in a setup like this.

    actually, i'm thinking of getting my flos in my closet and making it bud there..... but just thinking.... not sure yet, i could go buy a longer fluo and put it diagonaly...

    just in case, what are first signs of it being a hermi?

  14. Heh thats one nice plant you have, and your mom made you put it out in the open? I hope she doesnt make you give her some :D
  15. dint make me put it in the open but she hates the fact that i'm trying to hide stuff so......
  16. Ah, Ic, hrm....could you put another fixture next to the one you have hanging or is there no space to hang it up?
  17. where do u mean? i've got 2 fluo fixtures next to eachothers and its takes the whole space if thats what u mean, or did u mean on the left side?
  18. Nevermind, I didnt see that the 2 light fixtures took up the whole width. Hmm, is there anyway you could place anymore lighintg for the flower period?

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