How does my grow look?

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  1. Just wondering what people think of my grow so far, very early still ( 4 days from planted) first tune growing so just like some feedback. Thanks ps just bagseed grow

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  2. ah it looks real nice!

    you might want to point the CFL's toward the plant though, so the bottom of the bulb is facing the soil instead of upward.
  3. Ye just have them like this until they are a little bigger, then ill hang them
  4. Anyone ever use this fertilizer also? Good or bad?

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  5. stats?

    total wattage/lumin?
    Environment size?

    You got nice little sprouts I will give you that. And like dude said, flip those lights around, even that small they can handle 6 cfls, mine go under either a 400W or 1000W MH even at that small.
  6. Shultz Moisture spoil plus and some perlite, about a 23"-23"-30" box, bagseed, 4 6500k and 2 2700k 23w cfl so about 135-140 watt about 9500 lumens. And a pic of my box, will switch my lights around once they are a bit bigger

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  7. Look like a typical healthy seedling. Comin' right along.
  8. bagseed
    I have had particularly bad luck with the moister control formulas. (running out of nutrients really quick, and watering issues. Very easy to over water.) But that was early on in my growing days, so lac of skill/knowledge could have played a huge factor too. Not the best soil choice but you can switch that out if you plan on transferring to bigger pots.

    That needs work. you can grow in pretty much any dimensions, but your design materials are pretty lac luster. I understand if it is a money or time issue, but cardboard boxes will never be light tight and is a fire hazard. For a very small price you could buy some wood and build one that would allow you to properly hang your lights and smooth out your emergency blanket to get better use of your lighting. Not to mention that it is simply a more durable material. I am not sure what the white thing on the side is but if it is not a fan you need one. Nothing huge for that small of an area but a fan and an intake and exhaust ports on your box. Got to get air circulating around in there.
    Sounds good. I have read that you need 1000 lumen per sq foot (you are at 6.61sqft). But in my personal experience with CFL's it is safer to use the same type of bulbs and use the 150W per plant and 100W for each additional plant. In your case that would be a total of 350W and that would double the number of lights you currently have. Or get the bigger ones, I ran one of these and four 26W and grew four stunning plants through veg.

    Good Choice for a first timer! If you kill a couple on rookie mistakes no big deal.

    Now I am not putting you down, cause my first setup looked very similar to yours. But as constructive criticism, your environment needs work. Not saying close up shop and retool but definetly pick peoples brains on here and keep making improvements on your grow.

    Good luck!
  9. My box is in a cupboard at the moment so no cardboard accept for a divider wall but recently built a new growbox. And ye only soil i could find at the moment in canada. Going to try for foxfarm soil i believe.
  10. That small white thing on the bottom left is an intake, got double fans going in, then 3 on the back top goin out and 2 more 120mm on the right side tip blowing out and one on bottom right blowing in and under that hood, recently made the hood just to keep the light as close to the plants as much.
  11. I have recently switch to fox farms ocean forest. And like I said no disrespect intended to you, just giving an honest opinion. I just like to see all growers grow to their true potential. better than having someone sugar coat things and you failing cause of some shit you read on the web. Really just trying to help.
  12. Everything appreciated.
  13. its less than 2x2' so how did you get over 6ft squared?. it's less than 4square feet.

    I would aim at at least 60watts per square foot but 40w per square foot can be used. basically thats two of your bulbs per quadrant of your area, so 8 lamps would be great. more is better but 8 will work.

    if you hang the bulbs horizontally with a reflector above it you will see a big difference. having them at angles like that will make it difficult to get the plants very close to the lamps, within a couple of inches if the temperature allows.

    if your going to ScrOG you will need to have a large flat even canopy of lamps to match the large flat even canopy of plants. ScrOGing it will give you the best yield for your space and lights
  14. be sure to keep a good supply of fresh air to the roots and leaves. it has to be one of the most overlooked aspects by new growers. letting the soil dry out properly between waterings and having a fan blowing on the leaves 24 hours a day with get them growing fast.

    just one thing about the light set up. because the plants are so small you would be better off just using one lamp per plant and positioning it very close. they would get more light this way at this small stage
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    you are right I should have said cubic feet. That's how I came up with that number. Also all my comments were based on experience and my personal exp.
  16. the volume of the space doesn't matter, only the canopy area
    my comments are always my own experience unless otherwise stated. I never repeate hearsay

  17. I disagree. But again that is my opinion based on exp. just like everything you said is your opinion based on your exp. ultimately you and OP can grow however you want based on anything you want and it effects my grow none. I am not a micro grower, so you may be right as I diched small spaces and low amounts of light along time ago.

    OP there is no single right answer to you questions, your best bet is to pick apart and sift through all information provided do research and make your own informed decitions.

    jetski I will be following along with your current grow til you harvest, I want to see your final product vs mine.

    good luck growers.

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