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How does my cannabutter look?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Dyani, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. This was my first time making cannabutter so I just thought I'd throw up some pictures and see what you guys think.

    Also does anyone have any favorite recipes? I already made some brownies and this is what I have left to cook with :)

    I used 1lb of butter plus half of one more of those sticks which I think would be 1/4 cup
    And then almost 2 oz (about 52g) of blended up buds trim and leaves from my friend's plant
    Outdoor grown super sticky purple mamba and sour diesel/trainwreck mix
    I simmered it on low for about 45 minutes

    My fiance and I will be testing the brownies out soon, I hope it works

  2. 2 oz of dank trim and bud? Thats more then enough man, I believe youll get high as fuck.
  3. Yes please telll us how those brownies are ;)
  4. Ah the brownies were a great success =) I literally had thought I was immune to edibles! One time I had eaten two 4x dose ones from the club and nothing happened, good to know I won't be having this problem anymore lol
  5. Yesssss :hello:
  6. those cookies look dank as fuck, I just made a batch of butterscotch ones they turned no where near that color but they do knock you the fuck out. How are yours?
  7. Ah butterscotch definitely sounds like a good decision!

    They were delicious :D and kept me feeling floaty for a good 3 hours
    How did yours turn out? How did you make your butter?
  8. Sorry for the two year late reply. But as far as i remember those cookies were mind blowing.

    As for the budder just melted some butter in a pot added a half oz of some nice ground up bud let simmer for half an hour or so than stuck it in the fridge or freezer after draining out the bud
  9. Careful eating those cookies, they look good enough to make you squirt in your pants.

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