How does Marihuana benefit you?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jdogtulsa, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. I am a much calmer person. I have a really bad temper and I have been getting more and more relaxed. I don't let things bother me anymore, there's no real point. :cool:

    Tell me about you blades.
  2. It helps me be less sober.
  3. When I started vaping and not combusting, my vapor brothers vape + chronic herb helped me quit cigs for good

    I'll always have respect for the healing properties of cannabis cuz of this! I'm truely grateful that it was so helpful those first few months....and beyond

    today, cannabis relaxes me and helps me get full nights of sleep
  4. i understand myself better
  5. [quote name='"TexRx"']When I started vaping...[/quote]

    Very very cool.
  6. It relaxes me and lets me loosen up and just bullshit about random stuff. Sometime I like to sit in my chair and smoke weed and just muse about the universe :cool:
  7. I dont know how to answer that question.. My whole life i have smoked weed. My parents got me into it. Its just how i was raised, its apart of me. I will be flamed for this comment... I have to smoke weed to be normal. I dont drink or do any other drugs, except lsd twice a year. If i miss a day without smoking my house will have holes in the wall. My friends dont want to be around me. Im a horrible person sober. when im high (only being honest to your question) i am very enjoyable to be around, Im very helpful and giving energetic, outgoing, just a very kind human being. Il smoke whoever out. I invite strangers to smoke with me.
  8. I guess as long as you keep in stock you're good haha. I can see a problem with relying on it but to each his own. You sound very generous :smoke:
  9. makes my back NOT hurt, percocet and vicodin only make it hurt less, but when I smoke a joint to myself I actually feel my back more because it is the only time it doesn't hurt. It is really weird, my back not hurting actually has a weird feeling to it. Coupled with that I get more active (like I actually go to the gym and workout because my back doesn't hurt.) When I have medical marijuana I usually weigh about 185-190 and without it about 215-220 simply because my back hurts so much without it I don't eve do anything.

    Also it boosts my creativity to new heights, and I can actually sit in a chair for a couple of hours and write because my back doesn't bother me enough so I go lay down.
  10. came in here to see how long it took for someone to be pissed off by the spelling of 'marihuana.' good job gc :smoke:
  11. helps me sleep also just enhances everything I do while high. Movies are better, music sounds better, food tastes better, life is just good.
  12. To me personally...

    It just makes everything vibrate with happiness. No matter how I feel.

    It creates a bond with people I just meet.

    Takes me into my own world for a little bit.
  13. It stops me from going on a homicidal rampage.
  14. I just love how my mind wonders off and I feel a little closer to another higher being.
  15. I just love how every little thing can entertain me like the simplest stuff, like on Sunday I was walking my dog baked as fuck listening to my iPhone and for some reason I kept thinking how high I must look which made me start cheesin like a retard and I had this dumb ass grin on my face and these people would drive by and stare at me and it would make me laugh even more. I bet I looked so dumb lolol

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