How does it feel to you if you make out with someone who just smoked

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  1. I honestly don't care about breath or anything, seeing as my bf is my dealer and we make out immediately after smoking all the time


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  2. It greatly depends on if the other person smokes (something) as well, or not. Someone who never smokes and keeps up high dental hygiene is definitely going to taste a major difference when making out with a smoker.

    I had a major crush on this hyper fine chick when we were 14 but I had to leave the country for 5 years. I was not a smoker of any sort at that time. When I came back to visit and we finally hooked up I could not believe how strong her mouth tasted like cigarette smoke. It was a major turn off.

    I wouldn't say it's a make-or-break issue, but I can easily see it being an issue. Any smoker dating a non smoker should be courteous enough to keep up high dental hygiene. People who choose not to smoke should not have to chew smoke every time a makeout happens. Unless of course they are >actually< ok with it.
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  3. Oni is pretty on it.

    Other smokers prolly won't care. Especially if you both just smoked, or have been smoking together that day. I think the only time I've not kissed someone for their smoking breath is that smoked and fell asleep breath. So it's morning breath with stale weed smell. It can be so strong!

    Non smokers might be a bit sensitive to it. You might be have to drink something, or eat something before the taste isn't really there for them.

    If you're into someone who doesn't smoke, it might be more of an issue. But usually eating or drinking something helps, or having like listerine strips in your pocket. You may have to try a couple of things until you find a solution that works for you both if it's an issue.
  4. I honestly don't care, unless it's really strong.
    I used to smoke cigarettes and dated girls who didnt, they never said anything or whatever and most were long term relationships.

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