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How does indica affect YOU?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by eyeinfluence, May 20, 2010.

  1. It makes my whole world shake. It does some really crazy things... it makes my body throb and it puts my body on "autopilot" sometimes. Like right after i smoked some and got home, i opened my fridge and i started dancing automatically.. i wasnt telling my body to do it it just happened.. i guess its cuz i was listening to music.:smoke::smoke:

    Anyway, what happens to you when you smoke indica dominant weed?
  2. My entire body moves if I move one part of my body, at least with this one type of weed I was told was pure indica, idk what it was though..
    It was like super slow motion repeated 10x when I tried to turn my head...
    Then I slept for 12 hours,

    That was my favorite high time on indica dominant:smoke:
  3. Well i usually get this really chilled out high that makes me wanna sit down and eat. I sometimes feels this really warm tingling sensation in some of my muscles, especially ones that hurt. The only thing i dont like about it is that i get dumb tired 2-3 hours into the high unless its evenly balanced out with the sativa if its a hybrid. I also tend to get really really chinese eyed :smoke:
  4. well i ate mango and just toked and im fuckin like smilin i cant stop smilin and i laugh when i think about laughing its hilarious ! haha, i love listening to music i like move my head to it
  5. Indica makes me a sleep bear....well a heavy one alteast, with those epic closed eye visuals that arent really visuals, more so just random brain activity and your eyes somehow mixing together....
  6. Hahaha i love closing my eyes and watching all the visuals.
  7. When I smoke indica, I turn into a grizzly bear.

    I rummage around and eat a lot
    I sleep
    I'll fuck you up if you get near my baby (aka food)
    And yes, when not trying to be defensive, I walk on four legs.

  8. I feel nice and calm but SO sleepy.

  9. this man knows what up^^
  10. ^^^ sounds like...he knows...whats good....ZING hahahahah

  11. Yeah, more than once I've smoked a bowl of a heavy indica, taken a shower, and then found myself dancing naked in the mirror.
  12. I get sleepy (when coming down); I sometimes get irritated; I start randomly dancing; I get annoyed if I'm concentrated on something and people talk to me; My lover skills go up +100, etc.
  13. [​IMG]

    That's how it affects me...hahaha
  14. Haha me and my friend have tripped on the exact question in the dog picture before while baked.
  15. it gets me high
  16. Haha yea...I used to think I was the only one that was crazy but now that I know so many other ppl have thought the exact same thing I don't feel so crazy anymore.
  17. As much as i love me the awesome incdica dominant i wanna try sativa dominant weed soon!

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