How does anyone watch "reality" TV?

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  1. With the prevalence of shit TV like "Jersey Shore", "The Bachelorette" and "Keeping up with the Kardashians", I have lost respect for so many people. How is it that this crap gets so much attention and so many viewers when incredibly high-quality TV like "Terriers" or "Better Off Ted" can't even muster enough viewers to last more than a season?

    How can you watch that crap without wanting to shoot yourself?
  2. Their legally insane that's how
  3. I wish...then we could lock them all up in a loony house and get TV back to where it should be.

    Like The History Channel...why do I care about Ice Road Truckers, Pawn Shop Owners and UFO Hunters? I'm watching it for HISTORY.

    But seriously, who can possibly watch "The Bachelor" or "The Bachelorette" without wanting to kill themselves?

  4. The history channel is a load of garbage although some mythological stuff on there is interesting.

    I mean what is "Swamp People" anyways and why does it deserve to be on TV?

    they been doing that shit for 700 years now.. and they still having trouble with it.

    that's what we need in the history books for the kids to learn.
  6. I kind of like the pawn shows. They're interesting and you get to see what stuffs worth. Those shows you listed, OP, and like Swamp Wars are like the worst shows on TV though. They're ridiculously horrible. I also can't stand CSI. I don't understand how people get such a kick out of murder and the bs that surrounds it.
  7. CSI is dumb because it's so glossy and the investigators are the most unrealistic characters on TV. But at least it's scripted and acted and produced by people with actual talent, unlike "The Bachelorette".

    Pawn Stars is NOT history, no matter how much they like to pretend it is. Yeah, they sometimes tell you about something, but it's only about the value of the item and the show is all about haggling over prices. In 30 minutes of Pawn Stars, you get maybe 3 pieces of historical information. It's a reality show which happens to have some minor information, it's not history. Nothing compared to "Digging for the Truth", "Save our History", "History's Mysteries" and other actual history programs.
  8. I actually Pawn Stars does an alright job of narrating the history of the more historical items. Sure a lot of it is haggling, because that's the action, but I feel like I learn a bit from the show about some of the historical figures and such. Just interesting facts. It's not supposed to be like watching a college lecture on some subject. lol I know that's not what you're saying necessarily, but it's still just a tv show, so it's got to keep people's attention. You know?
  9. But it's all about the "reality" instead of the products. They could easily have 10 objects valued and historically represented, but they focus on relationships in the shop and stupid contrived activities outside of the shop. And this isn't even a bad "reality" program, it's actually one I can watch, like "American Pickers" and "American Restoration", but they are not truly history, even if there's some historical information.

    Or how about those Tattoo "ink" shows? NY Ink has these incredibly talented artists, but instead of showing them working, how they work, how they create their art...they deal with the drama which is probably so overblown by editing that it's not even truthful. Why should I care about the shop assistant getting annoyed about pranks when that has NOTHING to do with tattooing?

    But again, these are the "best" of the "reality" genre.

    FWIW, I was in a "reality" program about 6 or 7 years ago. I was in the show "Room Raiders" and it was so fake. Sure, they actually raided my room, but they did FOUR takes of me being "surprised" at my door and getting "kidnapped". They also had us read canned lines that were pre-written so they could splice them in as reaction shots. Also, the show supposedly takes place in a couple hours at most...filming lasted 3 days, 4 if you count my "audition".
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    Wow lol that's shitty. I agree. lol To all of it pretty much.

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