How do you want to die?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Samus, Apr 17, 2003.

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  1. Or how do you think you will? When I was younger, I used to want to die from a drug overdose when I turned 60, because I thought 60 is old.. I don\'t want to ever be an old man. But now I think I realize an OD isn\'t the way to go, although that may be how I die.. I think I would like to die peacefully. I think the worst way to die for me would be to drown but being able to get my mouth like a centimeter away from the surface of the water.
  2. Doin\' something like mountian biking off a cliff or some equally rad e-ticket shit, cause at least i\'ll be all happy and lovin life a few seconds before lights out time.

  3. peacefully in my sleep, or doing somthing that will better the world.
  4. i wanna die on about 30 hits of pure acid:) when iam like 85
    and senalie
  5. I was thinking heroin overdose when im really old but that could be unpleasant or somethign im not sure i\'d have to look into it more :p Either that or being chased off a cliff by a gang of naked women
  6. i would wanna get blown up by a bomb or grenade or something while i\'m fuckin a real hot chick. that would be awesome. i would just die in the middle of that... i think a bomb or something would kill me quick so it wouldnt hurt and i could die having sex. word.
  7. i think jumping off a building or something cool like that. but samus drowning would be thw worst way to go
  8. i would wanna die chokin on a fat hydro blunt

  9. I was going to say 10 lbs of C-4 strapped to my chest in the middle of a group of people. Im crazy like that.
  10. damn dudes those are some funny ass ways to die! how do i do the laughing smiley?
  11. I want to die like a stoned rat..............................

    Let some stoned puss kill me!!!!!!
  12. OOOOOOOOOOH what a good question. when I was younger, late middle school/highschool I had this hankering very surreal feeling that I would be dead at 27. 27 was the age. Probably doing something dumb, nothing worth a was weird thinking like that, but I couldnt get it out of my head. I am very content with knowing that one day I will die and after reading jim morrison, I started wanting to actually *feel* death, or experience knowing that it is inevitable that in a moment of two, I will die, these are my last intense seconds living. imagine a plane crash, knowing you will die, plumiting to earth. thats just crazy. well after I stop obbessing over that, I came to term with being okay with dying, but Id like it to be doing something killer, skydiving for instance (if, god forbid something were to happen) or surfing, (if I ever made my way up to pipeline type surf!!)
  13. I want to be blown up in a suicide bomb...not me with the bomb, I just want to happen to be there when someone else does it

  15. I want to die doing something that makes me happy. If I\'m smiling right before I leave this life, then I couldn\'t really ask for anything more. Of course, it won\'t happen that way, I\'m sure. I\'ll die some extremley horrific way with pain unlike anything I\'ve ever felt and demons dancing around me more than likely.
  16. This is an interesting question. I\'ve tried the whole heroin thing (accidentally) and I think its too easy. I think now that when I die I want to go out in a less depraved fashion. You know, something more dignified like toxic shock from screwing a gold fish, or... maybe something incredibly stupid, like attempting to manually adjust my tv atenna during a humid thunderstorm. You know, something where people can get a good laugh, a weird internet picture, and the chance to say, \"Man, that guy was an idiot.\"

  17. lol, i always wondered where those pics came from

    dying happy sounds nice but so does dying excited or thrilled, i figure i will die when the time comes so i am just gonna keep doing what i\'m doing and maybe add a few things to the cave diving, that always seemed cool. although drowning it an enclosed space isn\'t too apealing, i am sky diving saturday, let you know if i live
  18. who knows, but i hope its when im at a ripe old age.....
  19. hahaha...oh man...
  20. Like this:

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