How Do You Think The World Will End.

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  1. I am an athiest and dont believe god will come down and save the believers, but i know that it is eminent that the world will some day become non existent.

    I was wondering about how you guys thank it will go down.

    Maybe like a huge asteroid. aliens, or old faithful erupting the mega volcano.

    If any other possibilties, please name them.
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    We will either be hit by a massive asteroid, or the Andromeda galaxy will collide with the Milky Way in a few million yrs (I think) many new stars will form and all life on Earth will be eradicated by radiation...

    Ultimately, the Earth will be incenerated by the sun as it expands into a red giant in about 4 billion yrs. :(
  3. I am kinda agnostic but recently have been leaning towards a more christian religious view. I believe that in the near future worldwide stability will be offset by some displaay of nuclear power prompting a preemtive strike sparking a global nuclear conflict and ultimately anihilating the majority of life on earth or acts of terrorism will spark a global nuclear conflict with the same result. By assessing Americas relationships with other foreign countries one can see that WW3 is not that far out of the question. We have poor relations with middle eastern countries, China, Russia, N. Korea, some South American countries, and many others. We are still under constant threat from various terrorist groups. All this and the American public barely seems worried, under a veil of ignorance. The only thing keeping other countries in check is the 'mutual destruction' factor; that if one country nukes us we will nuke back resulting in the attacking country being destroyed too. However, terrorist groups don't have a 'return address.' They can attack us without fear of immediate retaliation. On top of that they already have countless radicals ready to die for their religion. Well funded terrorist organizations already have access to nuclear weapons. Al Qaeda has access to roughly 40 WMDs and they arent going to just sit on their asses and not use them. In fact the only plausible reason for them to stockpile WMDs of this number without using them is if they were planning on one big attack. The perfect storm theory is where a terrorist organization gets nukes into position in many major cities and political targets across the US and detonate them all in one day sending the US into a state of chaos and killing millions.
    At that time I will make a final decision on my religious beliefs. If things play out according to revelations from the new testament I will believe in christianity and if they do not I will be agnostic. In order for things to happen like in revelations the entire US or possibly a major city in the US would have to be destroyed in one day by ten nations. Then a quarter of the earths population would have to die out. Then the antichrist or someone akin to him, possibly Osama, would come to power and claim he is christ, even though he isnt. Then the time of Wrath would come and anyone who didnt accept the mark wouldnt be able to function in the new world order however anyone who did would be tortured for eternity in hell. Then after the Time of Wrath during which the majority of the earths remaining population will be decieved and demons will perform miracles, the true christ will liberate everyone who remained faithful or repented for their sins and He will throw satan into hell. There will be two raptures; one before the time of Wrath in which only super christian people will be taken and then one after where everyone else christian will(given that they repent).
    That stuff is pretty dark but thats how its portrayed in the bible. Thats pretty much all of revelations translated. I believe the end of the world will come in the next 50 years whether or not revelations becomes true or not.
    I plan on surviving the first nuclear exchange and after a month of staying in a fallout shelter I will travel to the eastern side of the rockies near or in yellowstone where fallout and radiation will be minimal in comparison to the rest of the US given that nuclear reserves, major cities, missile launch sites are all attacked. Fallout will be spread accross most of the US due to global winds and the coriolis effect.

    Use this information as a warning of what is certainly the future. In other words, we are SCREWED.
  4. that was kinda a rant and I am prolly gonna repost this in its own thread
    happy tokin
    btw i put that in mah blog
    adios amigo
  5. You just summed up why religion is the biggest bullshit story ever told, I still don't know how it is possible that people actually believe that pile of shit. Christ and Satan and all that shit remind me of superheroes and villains, and it really makes no sense. No offense intended and I wish you much luck with your plan.

    As for the end of the world I think the sun will eat up the earth when it goes into its red giant stage. We'll be long gone so I don't really care much about it.
  6. With a bang! ;)
  7. Eventually, the Earth will be consumed by the Sun's death, if nothing else happens to it.

    But even if nothing else happens to it, supposin' we're not alive for the end of the world? After all, the world got alone just fine without us for about 4 billion years. In terms of sheer scale we live on a very thin crust of rock floating for a very brief moment on a vast sea of molten metal and rock. It really wouldn't take much to wipe us out compared to the planet.

    We'll probably do it ourselves. You know that dangerous pathogen lab the gubmint is planning on putting in Tornado Alley? Yeah, that's not gonna end well.

    Or Kim Jong Il will finally get his shit together, get some nukes, and go apeshit on everyone else, who promptly go apeshit in retaliation because we're all fucked anyways so why not?

    Or global warming will finally cook our ecosystems and we'll be unable to support human life!

    There's tons of ways it could happen. There are "dark" asteroids out there which don't reflect light too well. We know they're out there. We just can't see them is all. Not in time to do anything about one that might just happen to be headed our way.
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    Nature is trying to kill us. Always have, always will.

    Some are avoidable with technology, like say the asteroid scenario. But others, such as supervolcanoes could bring forth the equivalent of nuclear winter, with no known way of stopping such an eruption.

    Not to mention some nearby star going supernova on our ass, showering us with a gamma-ray burst. That would be instant game over. Not very likely, but still.

    On a longer timespan, we have the demize of our sun. But assuming we do not self-destruct before then, it is a few billions of years into the future afterall, we'll have moved to other planets orbiting other stars.

    The Andromeda galaxy crashing into ours won't do much to change that. Galaxies colliding is not as dramatic as it sounds. It is mostly interstellar gas that collide, not stars and planets. They will continue happily going about their orbital business without much interference, if any. Though the stars will change orbits, but that do not affect the planets. Besides, Andromeda will not arrive for a few billion years more.

    The real problem is the inevitable demise of the universe itself. As all stars eventually die and available energy reaches zero.

    We better come up with something really clever before then. The good news is, we got a near eternity to work on it.
  9. "How do you think the world will end?"

    I die.
  10. The same way it started.

    Without human assistance.

    The good news is, when this dance is over, it will start again...

    The music never stops.
  11. Completely agree.
  12. I personally think a crazy terrorist will finally obtain enough weapons of mass destruction to finally blow up the entire world
  13. Or Kim Jong Il will finally get his shit together, get some nukes, and go apeshit on everyone else, who promptly go apeshit in retaliation because we're all fucked anyways so why not?

    this is what i thought the other day. America has allies like china, russia, canada, and GB. but China and Russia arent that close to us. If NOrth Korea wanted to nuke us. China and Russia wouldnt help them, but they wouldnt be against it happening. Then it would be one less threat for world domination takeover for them.
  14. Not sure how the world will end, as it will be here long after we are gone. Man though, I have one word: Ignorance.
  15. I don't think the ultimate destruction of man will be from anything extra terrestrial, and it won't be from any natural disaster. We are a very advanced species and through nearly any hardship we will prevail.
    Therefore, I believe that the end of the world (if it comes before our sun goes super nova) will be by our own doing. AKA, wars, nukes, biotic warfare, chemical warfare, and even; weather and climate controlling devices. Ect., etc... We are the only force strong, and smart enough to end our own existence.
  16. you obviously haven't taken the borg into account. [​IMG]you WILL be assimilated.
  17. Humans don't have the power to end life on this planet. Nuclear war would be really bad but it wouldn't even come close to actually killing everything here forever. I believe that humanity will get its shit together and in a few thousand year (we easily have that long if we don't kill ourselves) we will be able to leave this planet behind.

    Life on earth will only end when our Sun decides that it must end, I hope humans are around to see it. (even though by then we would have evolved into something other than humans but wtv.)

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