how do you take cuttings

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  1. where do I take cuttings from and how do I root them?

  2. There's got to be at least 1 thread on this here.

    If not here, check out the forums...they might have it there.
  3. just take a cutting, from one of the small tops that grow after the fan leaves have matured and the easiest way is to just put it in a cup of water and keeping humidity high, and putting it under a light thats not too bright, and you also wanna cut the bottem at a 45degree's it helps with growing new roots.
  4. can clones be taken 5-8 days after the plant is put into flowering?

  5. from the "top" of the plant, more commonly refered to as growth tips..
    actualy. here watch this video

    that should answer all your questions, copy him exactly and your good to go :)
    I dont think he mentions it.. PH should be 5.7-5.8 for clones ;)

    sure as hell can, infact this is great because these type of clones go back into flower faster....
  6. i have just taken a few cuttings and i'm using cfl light bulb. so many inch's should i keep the cuttings from the light?
  7. cuttings from my experience tend too do better in indirect light took mine about 8 days to root under one 23 watt daylight cfls and it was about 8 inches away from the cutting, having high humidity helps with rooting.

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