how do you take coke off weed?

Discussion in 'General' started by brian8472, Apr 22, 2004.

  1. its very very lightly sprinkled on i wanna know how to de-coke my weed cause its a bad high right now way too much burn out also wondering if its possible to take lil clumps of weed from 80 proof green dragon and dry em out and smoke em would that work?
  2. i guess you could try lightly washing it off with water, I would want that coke though so I dunno how you would do it without getting rid of the coke, just smoke that primo

  3. yah same here. lol and what is 80 proof green dragon it sounds interesting lol. Some kinda alcoholic drink with weed in it??
  4. welp you could smoke the shit from the green dragon, but it probably wouldnt get u high because the alcohol absorbed all the THC
  5. ^^^
    The point of green dragon is for the thc to dissolve into the acohol and not be in the bud anymore.

    And I don't htink there is any easy way to de-coke your bud. If you want it coke-less then sell it and buy regular weed.
  6. if its coke (NOT crack..) then just lightly toast it with a lighter..the coke will break down with direct heat from flame...

    You oculd try putting it in a bong...taking a slow rip while lighting the bud for the first time and once the neck of he bong fills up with the first smoke, stop burning, remove the stem and blow out the smoke..then just go on smoking it...

    coke is pretty innefficient when smoked... thats why they made crack, it raises the vaporization temperature to a point thats smokeable without destroying the other words..smoking coke wouldn't do much if anything anyways, especially if lightly may give a nice rush, who knows.... but unlike popular belief, coke isn't physically addictive either, so its not going to "get you hooked" or whatever..the worst part owuld probably be a foul bitter taste at most
  7. Just smoke it, the coke will be destroyed by the heat.
  8. ya this isnt coke on it its crack :/ not alot tho i would extimate maby a gram this guy used over a pound of weed anyways im smoking it with joints hope i dont get addicted lol
  9. well first off..little details such as it being crack raher than coke mean a biiiiig difference...those are two completely different things... you have no choice really but to either sell it, smoke it, or attempt to get rid of some of it by doing the bong mehod i suggested in my earlier post...
  10. Yea man smoke it you wont get hooked i know for sure first time i smoked it was ina blunt i wasent impressed havent tried it sense... but with a lil sprinkled on a bong hit that might be a lil fun lol :p
  11. why didnt anybody suggest using a small tube and blowing the coke off the weed unless the bud is all broke up i mean if its one solid bud than you can just blow the coke off without messing up the bud
  12. i would just buy another bag and mix it with ur old shit.. would kind of mellow out the coke i think..
  13. I wouldn't do anything because this thread is a few months old and I'd imagine the bud is long gone by now. If he didn't smoke it, someone else did.
  14. lol.. my buddy's dad.. he smokes straight crack out of a bong.. eheheh.. it's like a 2 footer too
  15. Two things I don't get.

    Why would anyone coat ganj with coke??? coke doesn't burn properly in a joint.

    Secondly how can an expensive drug be used to increase the price of a cheap drug??you never cut something cheap with something expensive it's always the other way round.

    You wouldn't pour expensive champagne into a bottle of cheap plonk in a hope of increasing the value of the plonk, but I know of bars where cheap whiskey is mixed with a 12year old malt and passed off as the real deal.

    I don't know about the US but in England good coke is £50 a gramme, and speed is about £10 a gramme, good grass costs me around £2 or £3 a gramme
    Doesn't make sense I'm starting to believe that it is an AUM. American Urban Myth
  16. mmm, weed sprinkled with coke is oh so good. It doesn't really work in a joint or a blunt since coke doesn't burn properly(hence the creation of crack), but if you pack a bong with weed then sprinkle coke on it, you'll get an amazing high. The only problem is the coke is gone after the 1st hit. After that you are just smoking bud.

    Believe it or not the effects are completely different than taking coke straight. It just gives you a more alert high rather than knocking you on your ass. You'll have energy and be high at the same time. It's not worth it to buy the coke seperate but if it's already on your weed smoking it won't hurt, it'll just give you a really good high.

    Some people lace shwag with coke and sell it as mids. I really don't know why they would do this because coke is expensive, but it does work in making shitty weed more potent. The high hits you right away, before you even blow out your first hit...but that's the coke, not the weed.

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