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How do you store a larger amount of buds so they don't mold before you can get to em?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cilindria, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. #1 Cilindria, Feb 2, 2011
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    Didn't know where to put this question but it seemed pretty basic and I'm sure it has been answered a thousand times.

    I don't usually get more weed than I can smoke at a time but a grower friend owed me money so she just gave it to me in an ounce and a half of bud. This wouldn't matter to me too much, but I'm immune suppressed and can't take any mold at all. Is there a way to store all this and keep it from molding?

    I've heard good things about those vacuum jars.
  2. Well..why don't you just smoke it lol? How long are you planning on storing it?..
    Anyways just get a nice air-sealed jar like you said.
  3. Ziplock baggie inside a mason jar would work, but an ounce and a half isnt gonna mold unless you rarely smoke
  4. I'd need to store it anywhere from 4-6 months. Take me awhile to smoke all that with my vape.:D

    I know I'm a lightwieght right now, just started again. =P
  5. Throwing it in a mason jar will keep it nice and dry. It will also eliminate any smell that the bud probably has because of the airtight seal. There will be no mold as long as there isnt moisture in the jar.
  6. #6 x BLUNT x, Feb 2, 2011
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    Zipper lasts me a WEEK.


    I got one of these for free from a contest they had on Facebook, and it's fucking AWESOME. Hold's 2 ounces of buds, and keeps them fresh as can be.
  7. mason jar+rice is a suuuurreee fire way to store it without molding. The rice will be a little bit of a pain to get out of the shake but the buds will stay 100% mold free
  8. For real?..With the weed leaf and all lol?
    What kind of contests they got goin' on FB where I can win stash-jars man?
    Might have to log in for the first time this year lol. :smoke:
  9. #9 3redStripes, Feb 2, 2011
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    in a good jar and in a dark, cool, and dry place should keep it pretty fresh.
  10. wow... I burn an oz in 2-4 days
  11. Okay, use a mason jar. They work well, you won't have a issue.

    Good Luck,
  12. Was the wow in reaction to how fast you go through an ounce? Cause damn man, get a vape or smoke some hash or something, that's just nuts unless you grow, either that or stop buying cheap ass mids and buy some dank..
  13. Yeah, if you smoke a quarter a day, it may be time to tone it down.
  14. mason jar in freezer? just make sure the bud cools before u smoke or the thc will just fall off.

    air tight bags


    plastic container

    make sure u open whatever u store it in for a few min a day atleast to let out any moisture.

    also.. use a bong ash catcher. the smoke gets filtered twice that way..
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    I've kept some in a ziploc inside a mason jar, in the freezer, for a couple of years. I just take out a half a gram or so whenever I need it. With my vaporizer you don't have to grind it, so if you just break off small pieces it stays intact. The high is still the same, also.
  16. A contest on facebook you say? Explain more please :D
  17. Mason jar it and then put it at the jar in a dark place.... IE: the bottom of your closet
  18. Airtight in the freezer would be good.

    Just try not to mess with it too much when it's frozen. Carefully remove what you want then put the rest right back into the freezer.

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