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How Do You Stay Low Key

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Still wondering, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. I love smoking weed but hate the negative attention it gives you how do you smoke weed with out anybody knowing at all
  2. g-pen brotha
  3. You mean the act of smoking weed? Or just being high?
    Just smoke up when you aren't around people. If your high, be chill about it. Eventually it becomes second nature.
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    Wearing sunglasses eliminates a lot of paranoia because the eyes can give away a lot (red, chinked, etc.). One thing that tends to stick in people's head when they are high is "Oh jeeze these people looking at me know I'm stoned" <---NOBODY thinks you are high. remember that.

    When talking to people, be confident in what you are saying and listen to everything they say and don't forget it lol. It's not so much about your goofy reply, more about whether or not you remember what they said.

    If all else fails, just be like "sorry I just didn't get a lot of sleep last night, I'm a little out of it at the moment."
  5. simple, dont smoke weed.
  6. Being 65 years old certainly helps to allay any suspicions of being a stoner. lol
  7. dont be a stoner... just be a normal person with a hobby....
    This guy knows what he's talking about. Just practice  you'll get it.
  9. I don't. I'm extremely open about it. No point in hiding who I am. 
  10. What can I say? It's a gift. :bongin:
  11. I don't talk about my weed use, or blatantly advertise it. I wear Bob Marley shirts, and have long dredlocks, but not because marijuana. I just love his music (who doesn't!) and I wanted my hair long.
  12. Have you ever been stereotyped as the biggest stoner in the world because of the dreads? I've got long hair down to my tits, and people automatically assume I'm the laziest pot smoking hippie. It's a little bothersome sometimes, considering I don't even smoke that much weed. 
  13. get your hair cut then you filthy layabout
  14. Breathe in and out. Your always gonna do things different when your high (at least I do). And stay calm. And wash your hands lol.

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  15. I get profiled all the time by the clothes I wear out in public. i'm not all rasta'd out... but I wear t-shirts, basketball shorts, and high-topped shoes with some calf-high socks (or sandals) whenever I'm not at work. I'm not as much of a pothead as nearly as many of the kids at my school, but I'm instantly categorized as a stoner and it pisses me off, because I rarely go to class (or in public for that matter) high. I just wear what's comfortable, damn.

    I used to have some shaggy hair though, and that just gave people another reason to stereotype me.
  16. I hear you man, it bothers me to a point, but than I realize, if people are that quick to judge, they aren't worth getting to know. Them judging you based on your looks tells YOU a lot more about THEM than it tells them about you. 
    I don't get why people are so caught up about style and image. It's hair? It grows out of your head. If you keep it clean and well kept, who cares what style/colour/length it is? 
    I'm pretty sure I'll have to hack off a few inches because it's getting in the way at work (autobody repair) but I can always tie it back. 
    Even back in highschool I got "made fun of" for tying my hair back for certain things, it was a riot. People can get so tripped up over pointless things. 
  17. I feel you 100%
    1. Why can't you accept my lifestyle/appearance decisions? It's not like I have stains on my shirt and unkept hair.
    2. How does my physical appearance affect YOU in any way?!
    3. You've never met me before in your life. I could be the coolest fuggin person you've ever met but you decided to instantly categorize me and throw me to the side. YOUR loss.

    I just wish people would be more accepting and not so immediately judgemental. Smoker problems...
  18. sunglasses help out a lot. also rhotos for when your inside
  19. What exactly is the problem? Do they smell it on you? Start vaping instead of smoking.
    Sometimes people will say I look tired. I say Yeah, I am tired.
    So what is the problem that makes you say you're getting negative attention?
  20. Visine, air freshners for my car, hand sanitizer ( its usually the one from bath and body works because they have a strong perfume smell). I'm super quiet in real life around strangers so unless they smell it I don't think anyone will figure it out.

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