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How do you spot a NARC

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by killyou, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Yesterday I had this old white guy with a not so obvious but fake mustauche with bummy dirty clothes drinking a damn Mojito (what kind of grown 50 year old man drinks a fucking woman drink?) acting like he was really drunk and this cop could not act. He keeps insisting to me and my friend that we "party" and get some "hash" and he asked if we wanted to "score some dank", insisting it was from Oregon and it was good shit. And his other little buddy came rushing behind us which was a cop as well. I knew he was undercover so I told him to back the fuck away from me before I got mad and he was like oh sorry man guess you don't wanna party. What else do officers do to try and bust you?

  2. Erm, I think you be trippin man. I doubt that police waste two-undercovers just trying to get someone for possession. If they were trying to buy off you, maybe people might be narcs...but selling?
  3. killyou has some very negative karma and must be banished.
  4. DTA, Don't Trust Anyone
  5. You were just paranoid
  6. young male, sports t-shirt and a matching team cap <--- NARC
  7. Who are you and how did you know that?
  8. I saw that too didnt think anyone else would lol
  9. No this guy was such a bad actor, and kept insisting we buy hash or dank couldn't make up his mind. Saying terms only us young people should know. I'm pretty sure.
  10. Yeah that's entrapment bro. The police officers aren't allowed to ask you if you want weed, you have to ask them.

    BUT you still did the right thing, that guy could have done some weird ass shit to the bud, or he could have took you back to his house raped you killed you then bury your body in some woods.
  11. First thing I saw:p

    He can't escape it.:wave:
  12. Killyou, what you do bro is catch the suspected narc, put your finger about 3 inches into his anus, and curl it towards the left. If you feel the little bump there, it's a narc.

  13. "only us young people should know" LOL

    how did you know the mustache was fake? furthermore why the hell did he feel the need to wear a fake mustache lol
  14. good luck proving that man.and also ive seen episodes of cops were they do the buy-busts and pose as the dealer.i saw this one where they were busting people buying fucking nickle bags.
  15. In a different highschool in my area, there was a class called ROP Police Training. The teacher/police office would pick 3 students and transfer them to another school for 1 week to get them to snitch. They just sit in class like normal kids and learn and listen and feed details to the teacher.
  16. Entrapment doesn't exist anymore. unfortunately.
  17. Yah it's ridiculous! Their should at least be a law that says marijuana is only illegal if theirs more then like .5g because somewhere someone got busted for resin on their lighter.
  18. Most of the time they just cite you and you pay a fine for small amounts. Depends on the state!
  19. Yah well its still posession and if they wanted to you could end up trying not to drop the soap in jail.
  20. Not entrapment.

    But I gotta say, you run into some crazy people. Me and my friends ran into an old guy... at first we thought he was a cop. He was standing behind us in CVS and he goes, "you guys know where to get that SHIT?"... "those buds, that ganja... or those pills, or that sizzurp, or that powder" ... he just kept saying if we knew where to find drugs... we never answered him, and he just kept asking away...

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