How do you spice up your smoking life?

Discussion in 'General' started by BurntBevo, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. Alright, So I'm an experienced smoker but every now and then I get stuck in what seems to just be monotonous smoking. Nothing is better than doing new things to get high or trying new things while you are.

    So my question is what do you do to spice up your smoking life?

    Me personally, I like to practice my smoke tricks. French inhales and rings always seem to make smoking less monotonous. But give me your ideas
  2. I quit for months at a time. Imagine going a day without even considering the existence of cannabis.

    Then a few weeks later a friend pulls out a bowl on the car ride. Except it's not a car ride anymore, it's a spaceship and you're getting your ass to Mars.
  3. Quit for a week.

    It blows but damn it's worth it.
  4. Ha well I love my danky to much to quit for a month ha or even a week
  5. hahaha i dont really ever get bored of getting high... but every few weeks i collect enough random shake/stems and kief to make a decent amount of hash (making all of which keeps me busy for an hour or so as well hahahaha) which i guess "spices" it up a bit....
  6. i go on l-rides (or bowl rides) and ill change up my scenery by taking new car routes, seeing new things, while listening to new music. its fun
  7. I got stuck in a rut of pot smoking this summer after my day was based around the bong hits lol:p
    I got really familiar with strains of weeds and it got kind of overall boring so I began growing casually to try new strains. After hitting up the seed bank I found weed seeds I've never even heard of before!
    I was pretty skeptical at first about heat and electricity but there was a sale on LED grow lights at and they paid for shipping and showed me proper set up and a few weeks later I have 2 different strains sitting beside my bed and it keeps me definately more high to switch it up between the two:hello:

    I dunno variety and growing is what keeps my smoking fresh.
    Grow together,
    Grow forever

  8. Personally, I like to spice up my smoking life by buying only the finest things that cannabis has to offer.
  9. buy a new piece, smoke out of it, and enjoy a new way of getting high
  10. i dip my joints in tapatio, let dry and enjoy.

  11. Hahaha pass that shit over..

    That's all I use.

  12. try dippin them in lye mmmmmm so much burn
  13. Smoking with people is always fun. You can come up with stuff to do. Cooking is a fun thing to do high too.
  14. I made the best motherfucking fried rice today and I dont even know how to make it. I just threw a bunch of shit that looked good together trying to resemble fried rice and my whole family smashed on it :(
  15. i take 2 week T breaks but when i'm not on break best way to mix it up is to smoke in a different place or start usin gravities again or hit up my spoon. Just gotta mix it, o or start makin milk videos it is a pretty fuckin fun hobby

  16. Tapatio? as in the hot sauce? lol
  17. Milk Vidoes?
  18. Midgets, never tried it but I'm sure they should get the job done.
  19. Sometimes I talk dirty to my weed.

    Tell it all the naughty things I'm gonna do to it.

    Then as I light it on fire I let out a loud cackle as I sacrifice it to the dome.
  20. sometimes i stand on my head in the corner and burn a whole fatty without letting it go out or touching it with my hands.

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