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How do you smoke?!?!?!?!?!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dankiskahn, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Yo we have any hash enthusiast here. I was wondering your favorite ways to enjoy your goodies. I prefer Vintage Sturgill Blunts if you can find them if not just a regular blunt for weed that is.

    My hash, I like to flatten it out over a clear wrap and roll it into a joint and smoke it
  2. I see you like the usage of exclamation points!

    Bong hits, bong hits, and more bong hits.
  3. Well look over my weed, decide what I want to smoke. I break it up put it in my glass pipe. Decided I wanted to smoke hash so I lit up my hash and pulled a little off and spread little pieces on top of the weed. Play music obviously, and smoke away... :D
  4. Inhale.Exhale :smoking: nah i used a pipe
  5. B-E-A-utiful.

    I smoke out of a spoon pipe too. Mine is pretty basic looking, no grooves or patterns, and it's just solid yellow. I'm moving out of the rents house in a week though, so I'll be getting a whole bunch of new toys. :hello:
  6. Double chamber bubbler.
  7. bong, blunt, joint, pipe.. really just depends on how many people are around lol
  8. Little glass pipe for me. I'll roll a joint or blunt here or there but I'm not much on em, like the taste of a pipe better myself.
  9. Bongs and gb's is the way I roll
  10. When I smoke big kief cake chunks or loads of kief, I like a nice pipe. I also enjoy putting some bud in my bong, then dumping kief on top and snapping it.
  11. I prefer bongs and pipes. Honestly, I hate smoking joints and blunts. And in pipes, I always prefer a bubbler.
  12. 1 other person has said that.
  13. Damn i just grab some of my "frankenstein" and roll a fat as blunt and im gone. "frankenstein" is a local strain here. idk if anyone else has it
  14. What's everyone's reason for hating joints and blunts?

    I'm a pipe/bong guy myself, but I don't have an issue with smoking out of a joint.

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