How Do You Smoke?

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  1. I like to smoke with a bowl in the dark just relaxing in bed, I have this color flashlight app for my phone that makes my phone screen go from like red to orange to yellow to green to blue to purple to pink and red again, I like to place it on my cheat and take a hit then slowly let it out
  2. i like various ways, i smoke from the pipe most of the time. i like to make my own pieces (that usually get thrown away a few weeks later) to try out. stupid things like a 2 liter bottle water pipe. which reminds me i should totally make a hookah out of a two liter bottle. lol
  3. That sounds awesome. I love to see pics Of it finished
  4. I like to inhale the smoke into my lungs, and then blow it out.
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    WOAH dude too far! There are children present!

    If I smoke it's out of a big heavy glass bong with absolute grade a+++ there's just something magical about smooth hits, no coughs, pulling that slide, clearing the chamber and flying to the moon! I like to be alone and listen to hooverphonic radio on pandora with iTunes visualizer on, maybe with the digital projector on the wall, and just stare and chill and contemplate everything and nothing.
  6. glass spoon. thick. 
  7. got a real nice glass bowl that is the last remnant of a much larger collection.  i used to smoke a lot of joints/blunts, but after rolling a blunt the other day it just seems wasteful these days.
  8. I use my little 3" glass bowl. Wanna get a bong, but the problem is finding one under 8 inches that I like. I'll smoke a joint every once in a while but try to keep that from being a habit since I don't like my house smelling of bud. With my pipe I can cover the bowl with my lighter and blow the smoke out a window or something.
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    Shove the bud up my bum.
    Works evrytme.
    lolnah. Joints, bowls, blunts, spliffs. Only think I don't do much is edibles. And I've never vaped before. 

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