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How do you press your kief

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by l StayHigh l, Jan 11, 2010.

  1. Without a kief presser from the store.

    Im not a noob to smoking I just cant think of a way to make this powder into a little brick
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    I fold a piece of wax paper and use a rolling pin
  3. I've never had my kief last long enough for me to be able to make it into anything lol, but I have seen my friends press kief in the past. They wrap it in tin foil, folding it into the shape of a square, and then heat up the tinfoil using a lighter (but make sure not to burn it) so that the kief sticks together.
  4. tin foil iunno about that but with the wax paper bring some water tio a boil and dip it in and out and press with a roller pin every once in a while its pretty easy but dont leave the wax paper in the water it might seep through or if ur lucky liek me you can use a hot water faucet
  5. pill bottle and a soda bottle cap the plastic ones

    or piece of paper put something heavy on it for a few minutes
  6. Here is my old tip. Works great and wastes nothing. Better than wax paper, tin foil, etc.

    Take a rolling paper (one like "club" without a gum stip is best, but I prefer the clear rolling papers for this because they are tougher) and fold it on one end so it has a little pocket. Put your kief in there and then roll it up. Place it between two credit cards and put it in your wallet in your pocket for 15-30 min. The heat and pressure will bond it.

    If you want you can put it in the freezer for a few minutes afterwards, to help it pop off of the paper. But it usually comes off pretty easy.

    Just be very careful when you unroll the paper because it will have kief and oils stuck to it. If you don't tear it you can roll a joint with that paper.
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  7. This is awesome, I'll have to try it.

    Props brah
  8. If your trying to make hash that wont work but if ur just trying to press it that sounds like a good idea but i would still use wax paper it wont rip like a rolling paper.
  9. If you have enough keif you can make hash though, don't be fooled. Google a how to make hash tut online, they are quite informative. ;D
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    Yes that will make hash. Wax paper will get oils and kief on it without being able to remove it.

    Pressed kief is hash. Once the glands burst and bond. It's hash. No need to dunk in hot water and all that. The only real difference is the heat will turn it brown as it degrades.

    With the clear papers in your wallet they really don't tear too easy, and you get blonde hash, the way it's supposed to look. .

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