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How do you pay?!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by yoyo8927, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. To all you seasoned tokers out there that do not have the time to grow, how do you pay for your delicious bud? :D Look forward to some of the creative responses, ill add my own story eventually.
  2. On the very rare occaisons that I buy it I pay for it with my hard earned money. I make a nice living.
  3. Im a resaler. Auto repair tech, Custom controller builder, Painter, grower, and a Hustler.
  4. my story is playing texas holdem, i win x amount of dollars a month, i buy x amount of weed w00tz. i enjoy the system.
  5. I dont pay for it ;)
  6. I only do when something exotic or unusual comes around, or if I'm in the rare mood for some high mids.
  7. gota love payed internships :hello:
  8. how else do u pay for anything?

  9. good old green backs, when I was up north I did not have to pay. Now down here I don't know the same people so when I find I pay.
  10. My dealer makes me pay with credit cards and checks, stupid guy won't take cash on account of all the fake bills floating around.
  11. i git cheap prices so i usaly sell like an 8th and hve the rest of an oz to my self :cool:
    or if i dont feel like selling any of the good stuff i just pay from pocket never over 150 for the crazy shit i love knowing good people like that
  12. Shit man, I gotta do a cashiers check or COD. :/
  13. I get zips of big bud for $150 all day.
  14. #14 bcustom28k, Feb 20, 2009
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    haha hillarious. ur parents must love you. Fist time my parents found weed, that was it for the giving out money.

    I was fronted a cpl o's of danka week for a few weeks before christmas.... made good amount of profit. and now i just recycle, taking the best buds for myself. booyah.
  15. I have money saved up from summer jobs. But I'm in college right now and don't have a job. So I'm running low on funds. :(

  16. lol i know what thats like i blew threw all my cash buying them headies all my summer job money gone :(
  17. my job. i get a half o every payday
  18. I once payed for a bag with a coinstar reciept from the grocery store since the customer service desk was closed, lol. Coinstar is a machine at our stores where you can cash in change and they rape you on the surcharge of 8 cents on every dollar it counts. Then you give the reciept to an employee and they give you cash.

    But to answer the question, I deliver pizzas and buy weed according to how much I make in a given week.
  19. I would love to say I use my debit card, but my dispensary doesnt take them.
    Ive been to several MMJ dispensaries that do take credit cards.

    I get funny looking receipts:
    1x 3.5g

    OG hash
    1x 1g

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